Brand Guide

Open Background Logo

The logo is optimized for white and light backgrounds. You can resize it, but don't distort it. Keeping the logo's design unchanged is essential for recognition. For maximum visibility and impact, we suggest using the original logo.

Dark Background Logo

The logo can also be used on a dark background. Don't distort it when resizing. Consistency in size and design is vital for recognition. Ensure the logo is appropriately sized for clarity and impact. Consistency in logo usage is crucial for effective brand communication.

One Color Black Logo

The logo is valid for single-color use on light backgrounds. Resize it as needed, but don't distort it. Consistency in design is vital for recognition. Use the original logo for optimal impact.

One Color White Logo

The logo is a versatile design that can be used on both light and dark backgrounds. Resizing is allowed, but distortion is not. Consistency in design and sizing is critical for brand recognition and effective communication.

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