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Real Volume (24H)$149,879.8
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date8/25/2021, 8:12:58 PM
ATL Date12/17/2022, 1:40:15 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply300M
Popularity Rank2650
What is Zelwin?

Zelwin (ZLW) is a groundbreaking platform that has successfully bridged the gap between the real sector of the economy and digital assets. With its user-friendly and efficient platform, Zelwin has revolutionized the world of crypto IDOs (Initial Decentralized Offerings) and INOs (Initial NFT Offerings).

The primary goal of Zelwin is to enable early-stage crypto projects to raise capital through IDOs, providing an opportunity for participants to invest in these projects at an early stage. Additionally, Zelwin offers earning programs for ZLW token holders, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Zelwin has garnered support from an impressive lineup of official partners and backers. These include prominent names such as Chainlink, Floki Inu, Cointelegraph, Certik, Red Swiss Capital, and many others. These partnerships not only lend credibility to the Zelwin platform but also demonstrate the industry's recognition of its potential.

The creation of Zelwin involved a dedicated team of professionals from various fields. In 2019, a diverse group comprising developers, designers, sales specialists, programmers, blockchain technology experts, lawyers, economists, PR specialists, marketers, HR specialists, e-commerce specialists, and more, worked together to develop this powerful ecosystem.

In 2020, Zelwin achieved a significant milestone with its first listing on CEX exchanges. The platform's success can be attributed to its ready-made product, clear business model, mass adoption potential, and a powerful affiliate program.

Participants can engage with Zelwin by depositing ZLW tokens on either the BEP-20 or Polygon networks. A minimum of 100 ZLW tokens is required for staking, and participants can earn tickets based on the number of tokens staked. For example, every 100 ZLW tokens equate to one ticket. By connecting their wallets, such as MetaMask or TrustWallet, participants can register for the IDO and have the chance to claim the project tokens if they are selected as winners in the drawing.

Zelwin stands out from other platforms due to its unique features and benefits for participants. One notable aspect is the absence of KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements, making it a fully decentralized platform for launching new projects. Additionally, while one wallet can only win one allocation (or ticket), there is no limit on the number of wallets that can participate. Holding more ZLW tokens increases the chances of winning an allocation since the number of winning tickets is tied to the specific tranches related to the number of ZLW tokens staked. Therefore, the more tickets a participant has, the higher their chances of winning. It is worth noting that in the event a participant does not win, their money for allocations will be returned.

Furthermore, staking ZLW tokens on the Zelwin platform allows participants to participate in all IDOs for the duration of their staking period. This feature provides an ongoing opportunity to engage with various projects and maximize the potential for returns.

In conclusion, Zelwin (ZLW) has established itself as a cutting-edge platform that connects the real sector of the economy with digital assets. Through its user-friendly platform, Zelwin has streamlined the process of crypto IDOs and INOs, providing early-stage projects with a means to raise capital and offering earning programs for ZLW token holders. With its impressive lineup of partners and backers, Zelwin has gained industry recognition and support. Its unique features, including no KYC requirements and the opportunity for multiple wallet participation, make it an attractive platform for participants. By staking ZLW tokens, users can access a range of IDOs and engage with various projects over time. Zelwin is poised to play a pivotal role in the future of decentralized finance and digital assets.


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