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Real Volume (24H)$12,267,333.23
Fully Diluted Valuation$100,000,000
ATH Date5/12/2021, 3:29:37 AM
ATL Date7/18/2020, 3:26:27 PM
Circulating Supply33K
Total Supply37K
Popularity Rank285
What is is a decentralized asset management platform that offers a variety of applications such as liquidity supply, lending aggregation, and insurance. Its most notable product is Vaults, which maximizes customers' returns through different yield farming tactics provided by the community. The platform's native token is YFI, which governs the ecosystem. was founded in February 2020 by independent developer Andre Cronje, and initially launched as a decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator platform called iEarn. The platform quickly grew and held over $8 million in contracts at the time. Cronje renamed the platform to, introduced new features such as Earn, Vaults, yInsure, and StableCredit, and launched YFI, the native token of the DeFi platform, in July 2020.'s unique feature is its Vaults, a smart savings account designed to optimize the value accumulation of deposited assets. The first vault to be launched, yUSD, quickly surpassed $600 million in total value locked. The success of yUSD inspired the community to develop more on this product, and yETH was formed as a result. The yETH vault generated so much buzz that customers deposited $140 million in ETH on the first day alone.

YFI was released with zero supply and no pre-mine for the team or early investors. Instead, the 30,000 tokens were allocated evenly to platform users and liquidity providers through three separate processes. The platform garnered approximately $800 million in assets in its first month of operation, making it one of the fastest-growing DeFi projects to date. works as a DeFi aggregator, automatically transferring users' cash across DeFi lending protocols based on their investments' ROI. The platform optimizes APY by swapping assets among recognized yield farming platforms like Compound, Aave, and DyDx. This simple protocol constantly analyzes market leaders to ensure that users' assets stay in the highest-paying pools. A small fee is charged by for its services, which is credited to the pool, which is only available to YFI token holders. is known for its strong dedication to decentralization, as it has never had an initial coin offering (ICO) and no YFI tokens were ever pre-mined. As a result, has established a reputation as one of the most decentralized cryptocurrency ventures. Users also appreciate the platform's simplified approach to DeFi, overall security, and community-vetted, open-source code. The bulk of's services include Earn, Zap, and Vaults, making it possible for customers to lend or sell their cryptocurrency assets for a profit. allows users to easily access a variety of DeFi products and services, such as lending, borrowing, and yield farming, all from a single platform. This can save users time and effort in researching and managing multiple DeFi protocols, as well as potentially increase their returns through the platform's automated optimization strategies.

The platform's Vaults product, for example, allows users to deposit assets such as ETH and DAI into a smart contract that automatically shifts the assets between different yield farming pools to maximize returns. Users can also earn YFI tokens through providing liquidity to certain pools on the platform.

YFI tokens, the native token of, can be used to participate in governance and vote on protocol upgrades and changes. YFI holders also earn a portion of the platform's transaction fees.

Overall, aims to make DeFi more accessible and user-friendly, while also providing a high level of decentralization and community control over the protocol. The platform's focus on maximizing returns and simplifying access to DeFi services has made it a popular choice among crypto investors and traders.


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