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Real Volume (24H)$152,826
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date6/26/2022, 1:21:55 AM
ATL Date6/15/2022, 8:35:03 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
Popularity RankN/A
What is xSPECTAR?

xSPECTAR is an exclusive society built by a team of top professionals in various fields such as Law, Real Estate, IT, Art, Finance, and Gaming. Led by serial entrepreneur Dirk Schepens and a group of experts, the vision behind xSPECTAR is to create a private ecosystem within the metaverse. Leveraging the power of the XRP Ledger (XRPL), a high-performance decentralized blockchain, xSPECTAR aims to provide a complete ecosystem with a virtual economy and world that combines clean aesthetics with interactive and visual advantages.

As members of the xSPECTAR society, users, referred to as agents, gain exclusive access to a metaverse where they can meet and explore various business ventures. By collaborating with other members of the community, agents have the potential to earn profits within the virtual ecosystem. This unique platform brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a community of like-minded individuals seeking to leverage the opportunities provided by the metaverse.

At the core of the xSPECTAR society are the native token and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which serve as the foundational elements unlocking the privileges and access within the exclusive society. The native NFT of xSPECTAR grants users private access to the society and all the benefits it offers. Each xSPECTAR NFT represents a unique agent-avatar, serving as the ultimate access ticket to the metaverse. These high-quality 3D characters are meticulously crafted by REBLIKA, an award-winning character company known for their exceptional artistry.

To fully participate in the ecosystem, the native token of xSPECTAR, XSPECTAR, plays a crucial role. With a maximum supply of 88.8 million tokens, XSPECTAR serves as the key to entering, collaborating, and engaging within the virtual economy. As agents navigate the metaverse, the token facilitates transactions, trade, and various economic activities. It empowers users to unlock new opportunities, acquire virtual assets, and participate in the vibrant economy of xSPECTAR.

The xSPECTAR ecosystem is built on Unreal Engine 5, a cutting-edge technology that enables immersive and visually stunning experiences. By harnessing the capabilities of this powerful engine, xSPECTAR provides agents with a virtual world that not only captivates the senses but also offers interactive and engaging features. From exploring unique environments to participating in virtual events, agents will have endless opportunities to connect, learn, and thrive within the metaverse.

The xSPECTAR society is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the metaverse. With its exceptional team of professionals, the project aims to continuously innovate and enhance the user experience. Through ongoing development and collaborations, xSPECTAR will introduce new features, functionalities, and partnerships to expand the scope of opportunities available to its agents.

In conclusion, xSPECTAR is poised to revolutionize the metaverse by providing an exclusive society for professionals and enthusiasts across various industries. With its focus on creating a private ecosystem within the metaverse, xSPECTAR offers agents the chance to connect, collaborate, and engage within a virtual world powered by blockchain technology. Through the native token and NFTs, agents gain access to exclusive privileges and unlock the full potential of the xSPECTAR society. As the project continues to evolve and grow, it promises to deliver unparalleled experiences and opportunities within the metaverse.


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