Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$215.7
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date5/3/2021, 2:31:23 PM
ATL Date11/21/2022, 5:29:33 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply650M
Popularity RankN/A
What is XFUEL?

XFUEL™ is a groundbreaking development token and the very first token introduced on the innovative XTRABYTES™ blockchain. Its primary purpose is to serve as a funding mechanism for XTRABYTES™, while also encouraging active participation in the project and acting as a proof of concept for the PoSign consensus algorithm. This unique algorithm operates on a lite version of PoSign, which eliminates the need for miners to secure the blockchain.

One of the key roles of XFUEL™ is to provide a monetary incentive for individuals contributing their time and efforts to the XTRABYTES™ project. By compensating participants with XFUEL™, the project can reward their valuable contributions and ensure the continuous development and growth of the platform. Without the existence of XFUEL™, the initiation and expansion of the XTRABYTES™ project would have been incredibly challenging, as traditional ICO funding was not pursued.

It is important to note that XFUEL™ differs from XBY, which serves as the native currency and protocol coin for the XTRABYTES™ platform. While XBY is fully distributed and cannot be mined or staked, it plays a crucial role within the XTRABYTES™ ecosystem. Similar to other cryptocurrencies, XBY can be utilized to purchase goods and services, providing a versatile and accessible means of transaction. Additionally, XBY is essential for securing STATIC nodes on the XTRABYTES™ network, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the system.

The total supply of XBY is set at 650 million coins. However, it's important to understand that the circulating supply of XBY is dynamic and subject to change based on the number of coins locked into STATIC nodes. STATIC nodes play a vital role in maintaining the XTRABYTES™ network's stability and security, and the coins locked into these nodes contribute to the circulating supply available for transactions and other activities within the ecosystem.

The introduction of XFUEL™ and XBY within the XTRABYTES™ platform demonstrates the project's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community involvement. By utilizing XFUEL™ as a funding mechanism and compensatory tool, XTRABYTES™ ensures that contributors are recognized and incentivized for their valuable contributions. Similarly, XBY serves as the backbone of the platform, facilitating transactions and securing the network to guarantee a seamless and reliable user experience.

As the XTRABYTES™ project continues to evolve and expand, both XFUEL™ and XBY will play integral roles in shaping the future of the platform. With XFUEL™ driving development and incentivizing participation, and XBY serving as the native currency and protocol coin, the XTRABYTES™ ecosystem remains at the forefront of blockchain innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions and unlocking new possibilities for users and contributors alike.


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