xDAI Stake

xDAI Stake


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$3,243,457
Fully Diluted Valuation$100,000,000
Circulating Supply7.6M
Total Supply8.7M
Popularity Rank454
What is xDAI Stake?

xDai (STAKE) is a USD-pegged cryptocurrency that operates on the xDai chain, a stable payment blockchain specifically designed for fast and cost-effective transactions. Employing the secure proof-of-stake consensus, STAKE serves as a multi-chain staking token primarily responsible for securing the payment layer within the network. Founded on October 1, 2018, xDai offers a reliable and efficient platform for digital transactions.

The POA Network, an open-source public side-chain of Ethereum established in April 2017, is the driving force behind the creation of xDai. As the founder of both xDai (STAKE) and the POA Network, Igor Barinov has played a pivotal role in shaping the success of these projects. With a focus on ensuring the affordability, speed, security, and scalability of the Ethereum protocol, Barinov has a track record of developing innovative blockchain solutions, including notable projects such as BlockScout and TokenBridge. Additionally, he has co-founded companies like Block Notary and Forcera OU and serves as a blockchain consultant at Acronis.

The security of the xDai network is a top priority, achieved through the active participation of users. Validators and delegators utilize the xDai token to secure the chain and provide transaction consensus. By staking their xDai, users contribute to the stability and integrity of the network while receiving staking incentives in return. It is worth noting that staking is necessary for consensus providers, ensuring the smooth functioning of the network, but not for everyday on-chain transactions.

To establish seamless asset transfers between the xDai Stable Chain and the Ethereum mainnet, two bridges have been implemented. These bridges facilitate the bidirectional transfer of tokens between the chains. Users acquire tokens on the Ethereum mainnet and then utilize the DAI-xDai bridge for transaction tokens or the OmniBridge for cross-chain transfers to access the xDai sidechain.

xDai operates on the public POSDAO consensus and utilizes delegated proof-of-stake. This means that anyone possessing a sufficient amount of STAKE can become a validator by running a node. Delegators also play a vital role in the network by influencing the selection of validators. They express their preference by staking their STAKE tokens on the candidates they believe should become validators, thus influencing the validator betting process.

In conclusion, xDai (STAKE) represents a USD-pegged cryptocurrency operating on the xDai chain, a stable payment blockchain designed for efficient and affordable transactions. Founded by Igor Barinov, the platform benefits from the expertise of the POA Network, which provides a framework for smart contracts and leverages the capabilities of Ethereum. Through staking and the active participation of validators and delegators, xDai ensures the security and integrity of its network. With bridges connecting it to the Ethereum mainnet, xDai offers seamless asset transfers and provides users with a reliable and user-friendly platform for their digital transactions.


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