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Real Volume (24H)$177.43
Fully Diluted Valuation$6,168.58
ATH Date1/20/2022, 10:05:24 PM
ATL Date12/25/2022, 2:12:43 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply20M
Popularity RankN/A
What is Widi Soul?

WSO, which stands for Widi Soul, is the native currency token within the WidiLand ecosystem. It serves as a secondary token with specific purposes, enhancing the gameplay experience and functionality for players.

WidiLand itself is a captivating multiplayer game that harnesses the power of blockchain technology. It offers players an immersive environment where they can not only have fun and engage in thrilling adventures but also learn about and contribute to the protection of the environment.

The game's story is set in the year 2130, portraying a future Earth plagued by severe pollution and resource depletion. In a bid to secure a new home for humanity, a group of scientists embarks on the WIDI Project, an ambitious program aimed at exploring outer space. Their search leads them to TKE-1012, a moon-like planet located 24.2 light-years away from Earth. The conditions on TKE-1012 closely resemble those of our own planet, offering hope for a fresh start. The selected group of elite individuals migrates to this new world, naming it WidiLand.

However, the landing process proves challenging as the spacecraft and vital equipment suffer substantial damage due to powerful geomagnetic storms. The crew now faces food and energy scarcity, cut off from Earth-based communication systems. Despite these obstacles, they are determined to thrive on this new planet and set about building their own Food-Energy System.

In the first chapter of WidiLand, aptly named "Journey Begins!", players assume the roles of Farmers, Miners, or Builders as they embark on their new lives. With limited resources, they must play the game to earn and upgrade their characters. Valuable lessons learned from Earth's destruction underscore the importance of treasuring natural resources and utilizing them wisely.

Chapter 2, titled "Devastation," introduces a completely new game mode where players must protect their project from formidable invaders. These invaders and monsters symbolize the natural disasters and epidemics that humanity faced on Earth. This chapter serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of safeguarding the ecosystem and our planet.

In Chapter 3, "New Era," WidiLand's inhabitants reconnect with the Space Station through WIDI technology, marking the continuation of their mission. They plan to bring humanity to their new home and revive the Earth, heralding the dawn of a new civilization and the advent of the Metaverse.

What sets WidiLand apart is its unique Free to Play to Earn business model, represented by the $WIDI token. The development team places great emphasis on striking a balance between player experience and rewards. WidiLand is one of the few games that adopts this model, allowing players to enjoy the game without financial constraints while also providing opportunities to earn real money and other valuable rewards.

The game's player experience is paramount, and the development team focuses on six key factors to deliver an exceptional gaming journey: Motivation, Meaningful Choices, Balance, Usability, Aesthetics, and Fun. By incorporating blockchain technology, WidiLand empowers players to convert their in-game achievements and activities into tangible rewards. Players can earn fungible tokens ($WIDI) or unique items that can easily be converted into $WIDI by participating in various activities such as upgrading account levels, completing quests, achieving milestones, winning leaderboard competitions, attending special in-game events, and engaging in WidiLand GameFi activities.

In summary, WSO (Widi Soul) serves as the native currency token within the WidiLand ecosystem, while WidiLand itself offers an immersive multiplayer gaming experience that combines entertainment with environmental awareness. The game's storyline, engaging chapters, and unique Free to Play to Earn model provide players with a compelling and rewarding gameplay experience. By embracing blockchain technology, WidiLand transforms gaming into a realm where virtual achievements hold real-world value, allowing players to earn rewards and contribute to the growth of the WidiLand community. Embark on an exciting journey through WidiLand and join the movement to protect the environment while enjoying the thrill of gameplay.


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