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Real Volume (24H)$510,163.05
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date5/6/2018, 4:02:50 AM
ATL Date11/25/2022, 11:05:01 PM
Circulating Supply210M
Total Supply210M
Popularity Rank2365
What is WaykiChain?

WaykiChain (WICC) is a prominent public blockchain platform with a strong focus on finance and decentralized applications (DApps). It offers a robust infrastructure for decentralized finance (DeFi) through its core-layer implementation of decentralized exchanges (DEX) and crypto-asset backed stablecoin (WUSD) technologies. With its innovative features and advanced consensus algorithm, WaykiChain aims to revolutionize the financial landscape and empower users with secure and efficient blockchain solutions.

The foundation of WaykiChain lies in its unique consensus algorithm, which combines delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) and practical Byzantine fault tolerance (pBFT). This hybrid consensus mechanism ensures fast and secure block validation, resulting in a remarkable block submission and confirmation speed of just 3 seconds. Such rapid transaction processing capability sets WaykiChain apart from traditional blockchain networks and enables a smooth and seamless user experience.

One of the key highlights of WaykiChain is its exceptional scalability. The platform boasts an impressive average transactions per second (TPS) rate of 3300+, with a peak TPS reaching a staggering 7800+. This high throughput capability allows WaykiChain to handle a massive volume of transactions simultaneously, ensuring efficient and timely execution of financial operations on the network. Whether it's trading on decentralized exchanges or engaging with DeFi applications, users can enjoy a seamless and fast experience on WaykiChain.

WaykiChain supports a dual-VM environment, featuring both LuaVM and WebAssembly (WASM) VM for smart contract execution. This versatile architecture provides developers with flexibility and choice when it comes to writing and deploying smart contracts. The LuaVM offers a user-friendly and efficient scripting language, while the WASM VM supports a wide range of programming languages, opening up the platform to a diverse developer community. This dual-VM environment fosters innovation and encourages the creation of robust and scalable DApps on WaykiChain.

The decentralized exchange (DEX) is a critical component of WaykiChain's ecosystem. By implementing a DEX at the core-layer, WaykiChain enables users to trade digital assets in a peer-to-peer manner, without relying on intermediaries or centralized exchanges. This decentralized approach ensures enhanced security, privacy, and transparency in asset trading. Additionally, WaykiChain's DEX offers a seamless and intuitive user interface, making it accessible even to users with limited technical knowledge.

WaykiChain's stablecoin, known as WUSD, is another significant innovation in the DeFi space. WUSD is a crypto-asset backed stablecoin designed to maintain a stable value relative to a reference asset, usually a fiat currency like the US dollar. It provides users with a reliable and secure digital currency that can be used for various financial activities, such as trading, lending, and borrowing, within the WaykiChain ecosystem. WUSD offers stability and reduces volatility risks typically associated with cryptocurrencies, making it an attractive option for individuals and businesses alike.

Security is a top priority for WaykiChain, and the platform implements various measures to ensure the integrity and safety of user assets. The consensus algorithm and robust network infrastructure make WaykiChain highly resistant to attacks and tampering. Moreover, the platform conducts regular audits and security assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. By prioritizing security, WaykiChain provides users with peace of mind and confidence in the integrity of their financial transactions and digital assets.

In conclusion, WaykiChain (WICC) is a finance-centric public blockchain platform that is spearheading the decentralized finance revolution. With its innovative core-layer implementation of decentralized exchanges and crypto-asset backed stablecoin technologies, WaykiChain provides users with a secure, efficient, and scalable infrastructure for DeFi activities. Its cutting-edge consensus algorithm, dual-VM environment, and exceptional transaction processing capabilities set it apart from traditional blockchain networks. WaykiChain is paving the way for a future where finance is decentralized, accessible, and inclusive for all.


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