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ATL Date5/12/2022, 10:13:38 AM
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What is Wabi?

Wabi (WABI) is a unique ecosystem that aims to facilitate fair value transfer between consumers and brands. Its goal is to create an efficient marketing channel for participant brands and provide consumers with several tools to make better purchasing decisions. Through the Wabi ecosystem, brands can obtain a unique data set of consumer behavior, which can help them make superior marketing and strategic decisions.

Existing communication channels severely limit the amount of information that can be communicated to consumers and the feedback that can be received from them. This makes communication a critical factor in advertising and planning marketing strategies for products and services. Brands often rely on communication channel operators, such as e-commerce advertising agencies, to reach consumers. However, these operators often charge hefty fees to brands, resulting in inadequate and poor marketing standards.

Many brands operate under "fog of the war" conditions, where they function under the pressure and chaos of other brands' marketing efforts, leading them to become invisible in the market. To address these communication problems, the Wabi ecosystem aims to establish a direct 2-way communication channel between brands and consumers. This channel seeks to eliminate informational uncertainty between the two parties and increase operational efficiency, benefiting both brands and consumers.

WABI is the ticker name for the Wabi ecosystem. The WABI token is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 100 million. ERC-20 standards define how tokens are transferred between traders and how traders can access data. The WABI token works on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to interact seamlessly with exchanges and store other tokens. Ethereum blockchain is a decentralized network that enables developers to build and run various applications using smart contracts. Both consumers and businesses can use the token for trading.

Wabi was launched in 2013 by Alex Busarov and Yaz Belinskiy. Since its inception, the Wabi ecosystem has fueled the underlying Taeltech ecosystem. The Taeltech ecosystem aims to obtain firsthand data, process it, and use it for marketing purposes. In July 2020, the Wabi ecosystem was upgraded with scanning tools, user interfaces, survey tools, marketplace, and authentic information to maintain cooperation between users and brands.

In conclusion, Wabi (WABI) is a promising ecosystem that aims to provide fair value transfer between consumers and brands while creating an efficient marketing channel. Its direct 2-way communication channel seeks to eliminate informational uncertainty and increase operational efficiency, benefiting both parties. The WABI token works on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used by both consumers and businesses for trading. As the ecosystem continues to grow, it has the potential to revolutionize the marketing industry.


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