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Real Volume (24H)$425,057
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date7/8/2022, 1:22:30 AM
ATL Date6/3/2022, 4:45:28 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1.1B
Popularity RankN/A
What is Vow?

Vow (VOW) emerges as a groundbreaking digital asset that aims to revolutionize the global financial landscape by decentralizing currency issuance. It acts as a universal bridge, facilitating seamless acceptance of cryptocurrencies by merchants worldwide. The platform's primary objective is to establish a regulatory framework for private currencies while eliminating the need for intermediaries. Vow introduces a unique currency system denoted by the subscript 'V' prefix followed by the name or symbol of traditional currencies. For instance, the Vow currency for the US dollar is represented as V$. The adjustable nature of all Vow currencies allows for voluntary adaptations to meet evolving market needs.

Traditional currency systems heavily rely on central banks and financial institutions for supply, often resulting in the depreciation of currency value over time. To address this concern, Vow strives to maintain stable currency values akin to their traditional counterparts. Each currency within the Vow ecosystem independently floats, ensuring the persistent storage of value. Additionally, Vow is committed to enhancing system security through the inclusion of currency minting and destruction protocols. Minting refers to the creation of new tokens within the system.

Vow serves as a regulatory authority for stablecoin alternative tokens known as "vcurrencies." These tokens are designed to maintain a backstop value equivalent to traditional currencies. However, unlike other stablecoins or local currencies, vcurrencies feature open and independent pricing mechanisms, free from dependent fluctuations.

The native token of the Vow ecosystem is 'VOW,' as outlined in the project's whitepaper. VOW is an ERC777 governance token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC777 standard enhances the existing ERC-20 standard, providing improved functionality. The value of the VOW token is subject to market demand and supply dynamics, resulting in fluctuations. The primary purpose of the VOW token is to enable the minting of another category of tokens called 'vcurrencies,' which possess fixed values within the Vow ecosystem.

To maintain token supply control, Vow employs a burning mechanism whereby a portion of tokens is permanently removed from circulation. Burning involves sending tokens to an inaccessible wallet address, effectively reducing their availability. Vow has implemented a strategy to frequently burn 1.6% of every vow currency utilized, promoting a more controlled token supply.

Vow Limited, based in Jersey, assumes full responsibility for the issuance of VOW tokens. The token was launched in 2020 under the leadership of a distinguished board of directors, including Bish Smeir, Lindsay Bracegirdle, and James Cunningham-Davis. The organization comprises a team of experienced professionals, both in executive roles and advisory capacities, working diligently to drive the success of the Vow ecosystem. The Vow whitepaper was published in January 2022, outlining the project's vision and roadmap for the future.


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