Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$12,500.19
Fully Diluted Valuation$798,668
ATH Date11/18/2021, 12:34:17 PM
ATL Date12/10/2022, 11:34:51 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply2B
Popularity Rank3552
What is Vodra?

Vodra is a decentralized platform that aims to empower creators and provide them with fair compensation for their hard work and dedication. The platform offers all the necessary tools for creators to develop audiences of any size and monetize their content.

In today's world, social media plays an important role in connecting people and providing endless hours of entertainment. However, content creators often face the issue of unfair pay, which has been a cause of public outrage in the internet entertainment sector. Advertisers prioritize their goals when selecting content to promote, resulting in some creators being paid more than others. This system of enabling advertisers to choose content viewers see based on their personal information is unfair and needs to be changed.

Vodra claims to address this issue and provide a platform that benefits everyone, including content creators, fans, and all supporters of open media. The platform operates on the Vodra Token, which allows it to function without charging fees. Users can provide direct donations or donate through platform integrations, all powered by the Vodra Token.

The Vodra Token also provides users with the ability to vote and crowdfund upcoming projects. This allows the most popular project to be financed by the Vodra Token. Additionally, creators and audiences can set up monthly donations and pledges for various benefits, such as exclusive content, NFTs, and various other rewards.

The native token of the platform is VDR. VDR is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that uses the ERC20 protocol. The platform is paired with Polygon's second-layer solution, which ensures users can enjoy all the features with no fees and delays. The high degree of security and trust provided by the Ethereum blockchain is why Vodra is an Ethereum-based currency.

Vodra was founded in the fourth quarter of 2020 by Zachary Bys and Conner Romanov. The whitepaper was published in the same year. The total supply of VDR is two billion coins.

In conclusion, Vodra is a decentralized platform that aims to empower creators by providing fair compensation for their hard work and dedication. The platform's features and the use of VDR as a native token make it an innovative and unique platform in the cryptocurrency world. With the team's dedication and vision, Vodra has the potential to revolutionize the internet entertainment sector and empower creators worldwide.


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