VIDT Datalink

VIDT Datalink


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$11,468,015
Fully Diluted Valuation$1,063,795
ATH Date9/8/2021, 11:59:32 AM
ATL Date11/14/2022, 9:21:54 AM
Circulating Supply46M
Total Supply56M
Popularity Rank1916
What is VIDT Datalink?

VIDT DAO is an innovative and open-source platform that revolutionizes trust in the entire Web3 ecosystem. By harnessing the power of the best open-source blockchain and timestamp technology, VIDT DAO brings verifiability to data and documents, making trust an integral part of various processes. This Web3 platform is available for any developer or user to leverage, enabling the creation of timestamps, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the registration of digital assets like certificates, sensor data, and firmware.

Over the years, VIDT Validation Tech has gained recognition and trust from prominent organizations such as Procentec, Nyenrode, AmSpec, DeGO, Amsterdam Vintage Watches, and IBM. The utility token, VIDT, plays a crucial role in the validation process. Transactions are executed by recording the file hash, timestamp, and blockchain address.

VIDT operates on two blockchains: BEP-20 on BNB Smart Chain (BNB) and ERC-20 on Ethereum (ETH), providing users with flexibility and choice in their transactions.

VIDT DAO is a decentralized third-generation blockchain validation ecosystem, driven and controlled by its community and stakeholders.

VIDT DAO Incubator Treasury: The Incubator Treasury empowers the community to participate in strategic decision-making and shape the commercial path of VIDT DAO.

VIDT DAO Audit Committee: This committee ensures compliance with laws and regulations by performing thorough checks on submitted VIDT DAO proposals. Currently chaired by Joshua Jenster, Gert-Jan Huizer, Jolanda ter Maten, and Kai Advocaat.

VIDT DAO Awareness Team: Comprised of passionate volunteers, the Awareness Team shares news about VIDT, updates on integrators of VIDT technology, and other relevant information to keep the VIDT DAO community informed and engaged.

VIDT DAO Open Source: The open-source nature of VIDT DAO technology, running on both Ethereum Mainnet and BNB Smart Chain, allows seamless integration with major programming languages. Comprehensive documentation is available on GitHub, enabling developers to build upon the platform effortlessly.

VIDT DAO stands out due to its unique approach to securely storing digital data on the blockchain, capturing provenance records, ownership transfers, and preventing fraud. The entire chain of custody is publicly accessible, immutable, and transparent on the blockchain. With the VIDT DAO protocol, users can write encrypted files to the blockchain using the project's API, which seamlessly integrates with popular programming languages like Python, JS, and Java.

Developers choose VIDT technologies to safeguard intellectual property rights through secure time-stamping and facilitate the fast and cost-effective sale of digital assets. Organizations and individuals can connect their files, data, and digital art to a cloud service linked to the VIDT API, which is compatible with major programming languages. This simple and efficient process empowers users to leverage the VIDT DAO platform effectively.

When linking a file, the VIDT DAO smart contract identifies the issuer and securely stores the encrypted hash of the file. Only encrypted fingerprints of files are stored on the blockchain, ensuring data confidentiality and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant data privacy regulations.

In conclusion, VIDT DAO ($VIDT) is a pioneering platform that brings verifiable trust to the Web3 ecosystem. With its open-source technology, secure storage of digital assets, and seamless integration capabilities, VIDT DAO empowers developers and users to enhance trust, protect intellectual property, and participate in a vibrant and transparent blockchain validation ecosystem. Join VIDT DAO today and experience the power of verifiable trust in the digital age.


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