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Total Supply265M
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What is VideoCoin?

VideoCoin (VID) emerges as a groundbreaking blockchain-based platform, known as Vivid Labs, that aims to revolutionize the world of cloud video infrastructure and decentralized networks. By offering a comprehensive range of services, including video encoding, storage, content delivery network (CDN) services, and NFT minting, VideoCoin is at the forefront of innovation in the realm of video applications. The platform's integration of video and decentralized networks paves the way for the next generation of video-based services and experiences.

VideoCoin recognizes the pivotal role that video content plays in shaping the internet landscape and seeks to harness its power to drive innovation. By incentivizing a class of video miners who contribute their resources, such as disk space, internet bandwidth, and GPU processing power, VideoCoin establishes a competitive ecosystem where miners can earn rewards for their contributions. This approach fosters a decentralized network that ensures efficient video storage, content delivery, and enhanced graphics processing for video encoding.

In a strategic move, the VideoCoin team aims to integrate the VideoCoin network with Public Mint, a blockchain platform that facilitates instant payments and transactions. This integration enables VideoCoin users to make payments using various methods, including credit cards, wire transfers, and ACH transactions, further enhancing the platform's accessibility and convenience.

Under the new name Vivid Labs, VideoCoin offers users the ability to create NFTs from various media formats, including MP4 videos, 3D objects, MP3 audio files, and JPEG images. This flexibility expands the possibilities for content creators, artists, and brands to monetize their creations and engage with the burgeoning NFT market. Notably, the network's updateable feature allows for ongoing updates and additions to NFTs, even after they have been sold or minted, ensuring continuous enhancement and value creation.

At the heart of the VideoCoin network lies the native ERC-20 token, VID, which fuels the functionality, efficiency, and stability of the platform. VID tokens serve as a means of rewarding platform users for their contributions and play a vital role in incentivizing and maintaining the network's ecosystem.

VideoCoin's journey began with the publication of its whitepaper on November 7, 2017, marking the inception of a visionary platform that has since evolved into Vivid Labs. With a total token supply of 265 million, VideoCoin continues to drive innovation in cloud video infrastructure and decentralized networks, propelling the video industry forward into a new era of possibilities and opportunities.

In conclusion, VideoCoin, now operating as Vivid Labs, is transforming the landscape of cloud video infrastructure and decentralized networks. By offering a range of services and integrating video with blockchain technology, VideoCoin opens up new possibilities for video applications and content monetization. The platform's ability to mint NFTs from various media formats further enhances its appeal and engagement with creators, artists, and brands. With its native VID token and a commitment to innovation, VideoCoin is poised to shape the future of video and decentralized networks, driving the industry forward with its groundbreaking solutions.


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