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Real Volume (24H)$51,811.77
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date1/9/2018, 3:00:00 AM
ATL Date9/1/2021, 7:06:13 AM
Circulating Supply2.1M
Total Supply100M
Popularity Rank337
What is Veritaseum?

Veritaseum is a blockchain-based software solution that enables access to peer-to-peer finance marketplaces, allowing for direct exchange of assets such as digital cryptocurrencies between individuals without the need for a central authority. The platform aims to address inefficiencies, excessive friction, and large economic rents in various industries and organizations by utilizing blockchain technology, smart contracts, and distributed computing.

Through disintermediating traditional institutional business models, Veritaseum enables any two or more individuals to conduct value transactions directly with each other without relying on centralized third parties. Additionally, users can do so without worrying about traditional credit or counter-party risk. Veritaseum is not a brokerage firm, fund, bank, or stock exchange, but rather a collection of distributed, server-less software and smart contracts that run on the blockchain.

The native token of the software is "Veritas" and is symbolized as "VERI." The token serves as a prepaid payment for Veritaseum products and services and is used to gain access to the platform's smart contracts. Users can access and utilize financial machines, a collection of chained smart contracts designed to mimic the tasks of entire industry divisions at near-zero margins and without balance sheet exposure, credit risk, or counterparty risk, by holding VERI in their possession. Additionally, Veritas sub-tokens are created using financial forensics, fundamental research, and consultation to fulfill specific needs.

According to the platform's website, Veritaseum is a new-age smart contract vendor that allows for conditional transfer of value. The platform uses a unique approach based on study and analysis for its distributed solutions.

The platform was founded in 2014 by Reggie Middleton, a Howard University graduate well-known for his ability to foresee market and financial institution crashes long before they occur. With its revolutionary approach to peer-to-peer finance, Veritaseum is poised to make a big impact in the world of finance and blockchain technology.

Veritaseum's unique approach to peer-to-peer finance allows for greater accessibility and decentralization in the financial industry, making it easier for individuals and organizations to conduct transactions without the need for traditional intermediaries. The platform's use of blockchain technology and smart contracts allows for increased transparency and security in these transactions, further reducing the risks associated with credit and counter-party risk.

One of the key features of Veritaseum is its financial machines, which are designed to mimic the tasks of entire industry divisions at near-zero margins and without balance sheet exposure, credit risk, or counterparty risk. These machines are accessible to users through the use of VERI tokens and allow for a wide range of financial services, including but not limited to, trading, lending, and insurance.

Another significant feature of Veritaseum is its sub-tokens, which are designed to fulfill specific needs within the financial industry. These sub-tokens are created using financial forensics, fundamental research, and consultation, making them tailored to meet the needs of specific industries and organizations.

In conclusion, Veritaseum is a game-changer in the world of blockchain and finance. By creating a decentralized peer-to-peer finance marketplace, Veritaseum has the potential to disrupt traditional financial intermediaries and provide greater accessibility and security to individuals and organizations alike. The platform's use of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and financial machines make it a revolutionary solution that is poised to make a significant impact on the financial industry.


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