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vEmpire DDAO


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$202,278.29
Fully Diluted Valuation$14,183,525
ATH Date11/21/2021, 12:49:05 AM
ATL Date12/22/2022, 1:56:20 AM
Circulating Supply221M
Total Supply811M
Popularity Rank2127
What is vEmpire DDAO?

vEmpire DDAO (VEMP) stands as a groundbreaking decentralized metaverse investment platform, revolutionizing the way traders engage with their digital assets within this virtual realm. With the advent of cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality, the metaverse has emerged as a virtual world accessible through digital computers and VR devices. vEmpire DDAO is at the forefront of this movement, striving to decentralize the metaverse through a range of innovative strategies that incentivize crypto staking within this immersive space. By acquiring digital assets on the metaverse, vEmpire aims to safeguard and promote decentralized technologies. The organization's whitepaper outlines its ambitious plan to establish a significant presence in the metaverse by acquiring virtual real estate on a large scale, solidifying its position in this burgeoning domain.

At its core, vEmpire operates as a democratic and decentralized autonomous organization (DDAO), upholding the principles of autonomy and transparency. As a community-driven entity, vEmpire DDAO ensures that decision-making power resides with the collective rather than a central authority. The platform's primary objective is to reward loyal metaverse users while empowering the wider community.

The native cryptocurrency of vEmpire DDAO is VEMP, serving as the backbone of the protocol. VEMP tokens play a vital role in incentivizing liquidity providers and stakeholders, elevating its status as a prominent cryptocurrency within the metaverse. Token holders have the opportunity to stake their VEMP tokens, unlocking xVEMP, the governance token that enables participation in voting processes governing the protocol's development and expansion. Furthermore, users are rewarded with VEMP tokens for engaging in trading card battles within the vEmpire space, further fueling their involvement in this vibrant ecosystem.

The journey of vEmpire DDAO began in June 2021, led by CEO Dominic Ryder, a seasoned professional with experience in venture capitalism and wealth management. Ryder's vision is complemented by a talented core team comprising COO Mike Ryder, Harvey Woods overseeing marketing and operations, Jack Dolby leading creative content, and Petar Gavrilov as the research analyst. The maximum total supply of VEMP tokens stands at 810,720,000, with 96.5 million tokens offered during the initial offering. Notably, 55% of the tokens sold during the initial offering have been staked on the platform, highlighting the enthusiasm and commitment of the vEmpire community.

With vEmpire DDAO at the helm, the metaverse investment landscape undergoes a remarkable transformation. Traders and enthusiasts alike can embrace the endless possibilities of this virtual realm, as vEmpire pioneers the democratization and decentralization of this digital frontier. As the journey unfolds, vEmpire DDAO remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering innovation, empowering users, and redefining the very essence of the metaverse experience.


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