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Real Volume (24H)$496.97
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date11/9/2021, 11:40:45 PM
ATL Date12/19/2022, 6:10:58 AM
Circulating Supply436M
Total Supply436M
Popularity Rank2510
What is VelasPad?

Velaspad, a cutting-edge platform built on the Solana codebase, introduces a groundbreaking AI-fueled proof-of-stake (AIDPOS) consensus system. This innovative technology propels Velaspad into the realm of next-generation decentralized applications (DApps).

Designed as a virtual expanding autonomous system, Velaspad boasts the remarkable ability to automatically adapt and respond to fluctuations in network load, ensuring a consistent and optimized user experience for all applications. At the heart of the Velaspad ecosystem lies its native token, VLXPAD, which plays a pivotal role in driving its deflationary mechanisms.

To maintain a deflationary supply, Velaspad imposes a 10% fee on all token sales, effectively curbing excessive token circulation and promoting scarcity. Furthermore, early unstaking incurs a substantial 25% fee, discouraging premature withdrawal and encouraging participants to remain committed to the ecosystem.

A significant portion of transaction fees collected are distributed among stakers in the form of VLX rewards, serving as an incentive for active participation and engagement within the network. The remaining 2.5% of transaction fees are permanently burned, effectively reducing token availability and bolstering market value. Token burning is a practice wherein a portion of tokens is sent to an inaccessible wallet, rendering them permanently lost.

Velaspad also offers an option for users to unstake early, albeit at the cost of a 25% burn rate. Alternatively, participants can opt to wait for eight weeks to unstake without incurring any fees. These deflationary mechanisms, including burn fees and transaction fee redistribution, contribute to the stability and long-term growth potential of Velaspad and its associated projects.

By incorporating battle-tested anti-bot and trader-first liquidity systems, cross-chain bridges, and proven staking mechanisms, Velaspad positions itself as a valuable asset for VLXPAD token holders and its specialized projects. The platform strives to create an environment where supporters and contributors can enjoy consistent and sustainable growth.

With its exceptional capacity to handle over 50,000 transactions per second (tps) and support smart contracts written in multiple programming languages, Velaspad emerges as a uniquely positioned platform for hosting mass-market blockchain-powered applications. This high scalability, coupled with its extensive language compatibility, enables Velaspad to accommodate the needs of a wide range of blockchain projects.

The primary mission of VelasPad extends beyond its own development—it seeks to provide financial support to new and emerging blockchain initiatives. By nurturing and funding promising projects, VelasPad aims to foster innovation and contribute to the overall advancement of the blockchain ecosystem.

Velaspad's journey began with a maximum total supply of 1,000,000,000 VLXPAD tokens. As the project continues to evolve and grow, it holds the promise of revolutionizing the DApp landscape and offering new possibilities for developers and users in the blockchain industry.

VelasPad is an integral part of the BlueZilla ecosystem, a collection of products that includes an open-source project management tool. This tool facilitates seamless integration and collaboration across different platforms, fostering partnerships and expanding the horizons of blockchain innovation.


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