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ATH Date11/16/2021, 3:35:12 PM
ATL Date6/14/2022, 4:56:35 AM
Circulating Supply8M
Total Supply10M
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What is Unity Network?

Unity Network, a user-centric software development company, is leading the way in transforming the ticketing industry with its innovative solution called EveCom. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Unity Network aims to address the significant pain points and challenges associated with traditional ticketing systems.

The primary goal of Unity Network is to create an inclusive platform that empowers users from all backgrounds, regardless of their technical expertise, to leverage the benefits of this new era of financial technology. As blockchain continues to integrate into our financial lives at an accelerating pace, Unity Network firmly believes that no one should be left behind.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain and deployed on Arbitrum, a prominent layer 2 scaling solution, Unity Network's apps provide a secure and efficient ticketing experience. With faster and more cost-effective transactions, users can seamlessly navigate the ticketing process while enjoying the advantages of blockchain technology.

The founders of Unity Network are a group of forward-thinking individuals with a strong ethical foundation firmly rooted in the blockchain community. Comprising an international team of entrepreneurs and experts, they bring decades of experience in ergonomic design, innovative solutions, and data-driven user education to the table. Additionally, the team includes blockchain industry veterans and consultants with an extensive network of connections in the cryptosphere, including institutions, investors, and technical experts. With a deep involvement in the web3 movement since 2014, the team behind Unity Network is at the forefront of web3 technology adoption.

EveCom is a groundbreaking NFT-based ticketing service accessible to event organizers, both private and professional, around the world. Whether it's a physical or virtual event, EveCom enables organizers to create, promote, and sell NFT-based tickets with ease.

Transparency and cost reduction are the core principles of EveCom. Unlike traditional ticketing systems that lack imagination and transparency, EveCom leverages integrated web3 technology and a user-centric design philosophy to give organizers complete control over their events. Through an advanced event management dashboard, organizers can create, sell, and manage their events effortlessly.

Unity Network is committed to decentralization and providing a platform for everyone to create, market, and optimize their events with full transparency. There are no hidden fees or complex terms; everything is clear and straightforward. With EveCom, power is returned to the people, both organizers and guests, offering a decentralized platform that outshines traditional ticketing systems.

  1. Reduce Costs: NFT-based tickets with low production costs can be created and sold in less than a minute. EveCom provides all the necessary tools to create, promote, sell, and verify NFT-based tickets on the blockchain.

  2. Transparency: Customers and organizers can validate the authenticity of every ticket on the blockchain and track ownership history. Non-transferable tickets prevent scalpers and ensure fair distribution.

  3. Security: EveCom's NFT-based ticketing system eliminates the possibility of fraud or ticket resale. Each ticket is only valid with the wallet it was purchased from, eliminating scalpers, scammers, and profit seekers. Fake tickets and QR codes are rendered useless, ensuring a secure entry process.

EveCom operates on a pay-per-use model, allowing users to purchase packages tailored to their specific needs, without any monthly fees or subscriptions. Holders of the Unity Network Token (UNT) receive discounts and advantages, making the token an integral part of the platform. As EveCom expands its offerings and marketing efforts, the value of the UNT token is expected to grow, benefiting investors and stakeholders.

Customer Benefits:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: With a user-centric design and seamless integration of blockchain technology, EveCom offers an exceptional ticketing experience for both organizers and guests.

  2. Security and Authenticity: The immutable nature of the blockchain ensures the authenticity of tickets, preventing fraud and guaranteeing a secure entry process.

  3. Cost Efficiency: By reducing production costs and eliminating intermediaries, EveCom provides a cost-effective ticketing solution for organizers.

To power all its apps, Unity Network has introduced the Unity Network Token (UNT), an ERC-20 token. With each dApp returning a small percentage of UNT back to Unity Network, the token ensures funding for ongoing development, marketing, and special events. The team tokens are vested on Unicrypt, a trusted decentralized platform. Unity Network launched the UNT token on the Ethereum mainnet on June 15, 2021, with a total supply of 9,983,000 UNT.

Unity Network, incorporated in Europe by Charles Ellingsen in early 2021, is led by a talented and dedicated core team. Michel Caspers serves as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and Soufiane Hajazi is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Together, they form the C-Suite of Unity Network, driving the company's vision and strategic direction.

Unity Network, through its groundbreaking EveCom platform, is revolutionizing the ticketing industry with blockchain technology. By prioritizing user empowerment, transparency, and security, Unity Network aims to create an inclusive platform that enables event organizers and attendees to benefit from the advantages of decentralized ticketing. With the Unity Network Token (UNT) and the commitment of its visionary team, Unity Network is poised to reshape the future of event ticketing, one NFT at a time.


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