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Real Volume (24H)$101.83
Fully Diluted Valuation$1,893,656
ATH Date5/6/2021, 7:34:46 PM
ATL Date10/29/2020, 3:27:37 PM
Circulating Supply377M
Total Supply454M
Popularity Rank2640
What is unFederalReserve?

Introducing unFederalReserve (eRSDL), a blockchain-based software development company specializing in banking products and services. With a team comprising experts in project management, IT, and finance, unFederalReserve leverages various new and existing banking solutions to create a robust DeFi platform. Key offerings include a banking ALCO (Asset-Liability Committee) dashboard that tracks product usage and two core banking products named Thunder and Lightning. Thunder is a high-yield money market account, while Lightning is a short-term, low-rate, unsecured line of credit.

The primary objective of unFederalReserve is to provide clients with seamless borrowing and lending services. Through its innovative regulatory framework, the company caters to middle-market clients by offering B2B lending and overnight lending/borrowing utility tools, among other services. This web platform addresses the needs of B2B lenders with excess capital deficits, commercial enterprises seeking security and liquidity, and individuals interested in transaction data and participants' performance insights.

According to the whitepaper, unFederalReserve's lending management protocols and traditional currency lending bridge the gap between asset-backed and traditional currency lending, providing more options for existing liquidity and traditional lenders. The company's open-source blockchain model operates on the principles of DeFi, offering a trustless and auditable framework without the need for intermediaries.

Residual Token, Inc., the driving force behind unFederalReserve, develops and implements the protocols, provides documentation, and offers training to adopters. This platform assumes traditional loan servicing responsibilities, including payment processing, loan transfers between lenders and borrowers, and collateral disposition. The goal is to enhance monetary velocity and liquidity by leveraging open-source protocols to design lending parameters.

At the heart of the ecosystem is the eRSDL utility token, which enables holders to actively participate in the development and execution plans of Residual. eRSDL tokens carry voting rights and come with a range of privileges. Additionally, they provide access to open-source protocols and other associated rights and benefits.

In terms of its history, unFederalReserve was co-founded by Howard Krieger, who serves as the CEO, and Ryan Medlin, who holds the position of CTO. The company launched its operations in 2020, driven by a vision to revolutionize the banking industry through innovative blockchain-based solutions.

In conclusion, unFederalReserve (eRSDL) is a cutting-edge software development company focused on providing seamless borrowing and lending services through blockchain-based banking products. With Thunder and Lightning at the core of their offerings, unFederalReserve aims to bridge the gap between asset-backed and traditional currency lending, enhancing liquidity and providing greater options for lenders. The utilization of open-source protocols and the eRSDL utility token empower users to actively participate in the development and decision-making processes. As unFederalReserve continues to innovate, it is poised to reshape the banking landscape by leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology.


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