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Umbria Network


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$2,879,689
ATH Date2/17/2022, 4:36:33 AM
ATL Date7/20/2021, 12:03:52 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply5.6M
Popularity Rank13925
What is Umbria Network?

Umbria Network is a revolutionary platform that empowers individuals to seamlessly migrate their cryptocurrency assets across different chains, offering a cost-effective and rapid solution while allowing them to earn fees without worrying about impermanent loss.

At the heart of Umbria is the Narni cross-chain bridge, a groundbreaking solution that tackles the challenges of blockchain interoperability head-on. By eliminating the complexities and high costs associated with transferring assets between blockchains, Narni has emerged as the fastest and most affordable cross-chain liquidity bridge connecting Ethereum with Polygon, Avalanche, BNB, Optimism, Fantom, and Arbitrum networks.

Within the Umbria ecosystem, which is built on the Polygon network, three key protocols drive its functionality:

  1. Cross-chain Asset Bridge: This protocol enables users to transfer their assets swiftly and inexpensively between blockchains and cryptocurrency networks that would otherwise be incompatible. By removing barriers to seamless asset migration, Umbria fosters greater flexibility and accessibility within the crypto space.

  2. Staking Pool: Users have the opportunity to earn fees on their crypto assets by providing liquidity to the Narni bridge. Through staking, individuals can contribute to the smooth operation of the cross-chain bridge while being rewarded for their participation.

  3. Decentralized Exchange (DEX): The Umbria DEX leverages smart contracts and operates entirely on-chain. It utilizes an automated liquidity protocol powered by a constant product formula, ensuring fast and cost-effective token swapping. This decentralized exchange offers users a seamless trading experience and contributes to the overall efficiency of the Umbria ecosystem.

Notably, Umbria benefits from the expertise and support of Online Blockchain plc, a UK-publicly listed company (LSE: OBC). Acting as Umbria's coordinator, administrator, and advisor, Online Blockchain plc brings a level of transparency rarely seen in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. This partnership ensures that Umbria operates with the highest standards of accountability and governance, providing users with confidence and trust in the platform.

In summary, Umbria Network is revolutionizing the way cryptocurrency assets are migrated across different chains. With its innovative Narni cross-chain bridge, Umbria tackles the challenges of blockchain interoperability head-on, offering users a fast, cost-effective, and seamless solution. Through its cross-chain asset bridge, staking pool, and decentralized exchange, Umbria provides users with a comprehensive ecosystem to manage their assets while earning fees and participating in the growing world of decentralized finance. Supported by Online Blockchain plc, Umbria sets a new standard for transparency and accountability in the DeFi industry.


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