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Real Volume (24H)$533,346.18
Fully Diluted Valuation$29,652,341
ATH Date11/25/2021, 4:49:41 PM
ATL Date7/20/2021, 2:27:13 PM
Circulating Supply26T
Total Supply26T
Popularity Rank932
What is UFO Gaming?

UFO Gaming, or UFO for short, is a decentralized gaming network that brings traditional games to the blockchain, allowing users to earn while they play and establish new blockchain gaming features. The platform's goal is to host virtual land auctions where players can trade a segment of that planet and generate income by doing assigned tasks in the game.

One of the unique games offered on the platform is Super Galactic. Super Galactic is an RPG/Arcade Action/ARG game that allows players to compete and nurture digital super troops in the first fourth-dimension realm disclosed by UFO. It's a combination of an automated battler decentralized game, NFT collecting, and a highly scalable solution, all built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can swap characters, armaments, and other in-game items with the platform's token, Super Galactic. This game also has its own NFT marketplace, where players can buy and sell in-game items.

One of the key features of Super Galactic is its play-to-earn system. Unlike conventional play-to-earn (P2E) games, Super Galactic uses a rating system where a character or player who is more active receives a higher rating, allowing them to earn additional tokens and explore more complex game material. The initial edition of NFT characters from the platform's game is also intended to be extremely valuable and rare. During the Genesis Event on the platform, only 10,000 seem to be minted by the Super Galactic staking DApp.

The platform also aims to maintain smart contracts with high security through an audit done by Hacken, in order to focus on its audience and welfare. UFO, Plasma Points, and UAP are the three primary tokens in the ecosystem. UFO serves as the primary token, linking everything together, while Plasma Points are used to purchase soldiers to play the game and UAP is gained through daily objectives and missions in Super Galactic, which is necessary to fuse (breed) soldiers within the game.

The platform's cosmic event is simple and straightforward: users can farm Plasma Points to trade Origin UFOeps (NFTs) after the countdown. Origin NFTs created in the cosmos have higher ratings already, allowing them to perform better against many other alien races than other UFOeps.

The UFO Gaming platform was developed by UFoger, with the intention of being a project that remains dedicated to people who believe in the platform’s vision and community. The CEO/CTO of the platform, Don Goddard, has 18 years of experience in making video games and has previously worked at Breakaway Games, where he led the Advanced Tools and Technology group. The platform’s whitepaper and the UFO token were launched in the third quarter of 2021. The platform aims to expand their game, NFT Minting, and also its staking policy. The token’s total supply stands at 51,515,151,515,515.

The UFO token is an ERC-721 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform has a fair launch with no team allocations, no private sale, and zero tokenomics. The UFO token is completely community-owned. 50% goes to Uniswap, and 50% are burnt forever. The platform intends to launch initial staking and farming options to ensure that only true token believers are rewarded. Users who stake UFO or UFO/ETH LP to the cosmos become pioneers of unique and rare NFTs traded with the ecosystem's two additional tokens, Plasma Points and UAP. Users can farm Plasma Points through the platform's staking DApp, which is the first stage before they can participate and make income from UFO's first blockchain game.


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