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ATH Date10/9/2019, 7:00:25 AM
ATL Date7/12/2021, 2:19:26 PM
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What is TouchCon?

TouchCon is an innovative advertising reward platform that revolutionizes the way users engage with advertisements through Smart QR Codes (SQC). By scanning these QR codes, users can connect with advertisers and unlock exciting rewards. The TouchCon QR platform serves as the gateway for users to access these rewards, offering a seamless experience that bridges the gap between advertisers and consumers. Both online and offline stores can leverage SQC to enhance their sales and promote their brands effectively.

Smart QR Codes (SQC) are dynamic QR codes embedded with TouchCon's unique value, empowering users with the opportunity to receive random rewards when scanning them. These QR codes act as a bridge between advertisers and users, creating a symbiotic relationship where users are incentivized for their engagement. TouchCon aims to provide a comprehensive solution through its TouchCon QR application, set to launch in Q2-2019.

TouchCon operates on the principle of rewarding users for their interaction with advertisements. By scanning SQC, users become eligible for random rewards, creating an element of excitement and surprise. The TouchCon QR platform serves as the centralized hub where users can access these rewards effortlessly.

With the integration of SQC, TouchCon introduces a game-changing approach to advertising. Here are some of the key advantages of Smart QR Codes:

  1. Enhanced Engagement: SQC incentivizes users to actively engage with advertisements by offering rewards. This significantly increases user participation and creates a mutually beneficial relationship between users and advertisers.

  2. Increased Sales and Brand Promotions: Both online and offline stores can incorporate SQC in their marketing strategies to boost sales and promote brand awareness. By leveraging TouchCon's platform, businesses can connect with their target audience effectively.

  3. Random Rewards: The random encoding of TouchCon's value within SQC adds an element of surprise for users. This gamified experience encourages users to continuously engage with advertisements, fostering a deeper connection between advertisers and their target audience.

TouchCon's TouchCon QR application serves as the all-in-one solution for users and advertisers. With its planned launch in Q2-2019, this user-friendly application will streamline the process of scanning SQC and accessing rewards. The TouchCon QR app will provide a seamless and intuitive interface, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

TouchCon's innovative platform aims to seamlessly integrate advertising and user engagement. By connecting users with advertisers through the TouchCon QR app, the platform creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem. Advertisers can effectively promote their products or services, while users can enjoy the excitement of random rewards for their active participation.

TouchCon's vision of revolutionizing the advertising industry through its rewarding platform is set to transform the way users interact with advertisements. By introducing Smart QR Codes and the TouchCon QR app, TouchCon provides a seamless and exciting experience for both users and advertisers. As the platform prepares for its Q2-2019 launch, the future looks promising for TouchCon as it continues to redefine the advertising landscape.


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