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Real Volume (24H)$58,319
Fully Diluted Valuation$31,376,857
Circulating Supply123M
Total Supply600M
Popularity Rank1302
What is Tixl?

Autobahn Network (TXL) serves as a Layer2 Rollup specifically designed to support and scale the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), formerly known as Binance Smart Chain. Built on Go Ethereum, Autobahn operates as a rollup solution, enabling the batching of transactions to reduce usage and costs on the BNB Smart Chain's base layer. In an exciting development, Autobahn will operate as an independent network with 21 nodes based on a Proof of Authority Consensus, eventually transitioning to a zero-knowledge powered solution, potentially leveraging ZkBNB.

With a strong focus on developers and the community, Autobahn Network aims to ensure a seamless user experience within the BNB ecosystem.

While rollup scaling solutions such as Optimistic and Zero-Knowledge Rollups were initially designed to address scalability concerns on Ethereum, the creators of Autobahn Network recognized the need for similar solutions to support other EVM chains. Thus, the Autobahn Network was born to cater specifically to the BNB Smart Chain and its vibrant community. As one of the highest throughput Layer 1 chains in terms of volume and new projects, BSC has witnessed significant growth. To sustain this momentum and prevent the network from becoming congested and expensive, Autobahn Network launches as a scaling tool. Even today, the average transaction cost on BSC stands at around $0.35, making it challenging for high-volume NFT and gaming projects. By leveraging the Autobahn Network's Optimistic Rollup, transaction costs are expected to be reduced by up to 95%, with an estimated cost of around $0.0175.

TXL, short for Transaction Lane (formerly known as "Tixl"), serves as the hard-capped token of the Autobahn Network. TXL token holders benefit from transaction fees, staking rewards, and governance rights:

  1. Gas Utility: TXL acts as the primary source of gas for transaction payments on the Autobahn Network.
  2. PoS Staking: Node hosters on the Autobahn Network earn BNB rewards from each transaction processed on the network.
  3. Autobahn Network Governance: Node hosters play a crucial role as governors of the Autobahn Network, shaping its future development and direction.

The Autobahn Genesis Cars NFT Collection comprises 6,200 drivable cars exclusively available on the Autobahn Network. This unique collection features captivating artwork created by the talented team behind Autobahn. As a gamified community collection, Autobahn Genesis Cars offers holders special access and exclusive rewards. From the moment of reveal, holders can fully interact with their Genesis Cars on-chain, engaging in activities such as driving, washing, and inspecting their prized digital assets.

In conclusion, Autobahn Network (TXL) represents a game-changing solution for scaling the BNB Smart Chain, ensuring a seamless user experience and reducing transaction costs. With TXL tokens serving as a vital utility within the network, holders can participate in transactions, stake tokens for rewards, and actively contribute to the governance of the Autobahn Network. Additionally, the Autobahn Genesis Cars NFT Collection adds an exciting dimension to the ecosystem, offering unique digital assets and engaging experiences for NFT enthusiasts and collectors.


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