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Real Volume (24H)$33,720
Fully Diluted Valuation$44,805,471
ATH Date7/5/2022, 6:41:37 AM
ATL Date4/14/2022, 10:32:59 PM
Circulating Supply90T
Total Supply980T
Popularity Rank1158
What is TiFi?

TiFi Token is a cutting-edge decentralized cryptocurrency that provides a solution for Allverse Finance - the finance ecosystem that merges the metaverse and universe. This innovative cryptocurrency introduces a new approach to the crypto world by incentivizing the use of TiFi tokens for trading, exchanging, and investing across the metaverse and universe.

Pronounced as /ˈtaɪfaɪ/, which stands for "The Integrated Finance," the primary objective of the TiFi project is to create an ecosystem that unites the Metaverse and Universe. This ecosystem includes a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform, and a mobile app for crypto trading, merchandise purchases, and exchanges.

TiFi Token (Symbol: TIFI) is the brainchild of a Silicon Valley-based company, TiFi. It is the first step towards the Allverse journey, and the token runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). TiFi Token provides several attractive features that encourage people to invest and trade with the token, making it a great wealth generator.

One of the most innovative features of TiFi Token is the token-back reward. It encourages token holders to use TiFi tokens to purchase merchandise by providing a "token reward" back to consumers, similar to cash reward credit cards. This feature is designed to stimulate the use of TiFi tokens and create a robust and active ecosystem.

In addition to the token-back reward, all TiFi Token holders earn reflection as holding interests. Reflection is a way of rewarding cryptocurrency holders without staking. The token rewards are reflected in real-time in the holder's wallet for every transaction that takes place. The amount of the reflection reward is calculated based on the transaction volume and the number of tokens the holder owns.

TiFi Token is an anti-inflationary cryptocurrency. The decentralized smart contract of TiFi Token burns tokens automatically by subtracting a tiny portion from the total supply whenever a transaction takes place. Meanwhile, the reflection reward and future staking interests are taken from a small portion of the transaction fee, ensuring that the total supply of TiFi Token will never grow, and every token holder earns.

In conclusion, TiFi Token provides an innovative solution for Allverse Finance and creates a robust and active ecosystem that unites the Metaverse and Universe. With attractive features such as token-back reward, reflection as holding interests, and anti-inflationary smart contracts, TiFi Token is an excellent option for investors and traders alike.


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