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The Landlord


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Real Volume (24H)$594.1
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date9/19/2022, 7:56:07 PM
ATL Date5/9/2022, 11:07:45 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100B
Popularity RankN/A
What is The Landlord?

The Landlord ($LNDLRD) is a pioneering Beer, Pub, and Crypto project, which stands out as much more than a BEP-20 token. It features three exceptional protocols that offer passive income, amazing real-world utilities, and utility-driven NFTs that surpass expectations.

The potential of The Landlord is unlocked by three critical protocols, and all Landlord Token transactions will be subject to an 8% tax or 9% slippage.

Landlord Beers The Landlord has partnered with Crafty Brewery in the UK to launch the first Landlord craft beer REKT, which is a phenomenal Pilsner. It is available in several stores in the UK, with many other drinks, including Stouts, IPAs, and Ciders, planned for the future.

Additional partnerships will be established in other countries, and more beers will be launched and sold via the online store, as well as bars across the globe.

Profits from Landlord Beers will be used to buy back and burn $LNDLRD tokens and may be added to liquidity as well.

Landlord Pubs The Landlord Pubs will initially be launched in the UK, followed by a worldwide rollout. These will be powered by the $LNDLRD point of sale system that provides fast, reliable, and cheap crypto payments.

All Landlord Pubs will accept crypto payments and encourage $LNDLRD holders to pay with their tokens to receive discounted drinks. Holders can purchase NFTs for 0.04 ETH that unlock additional drink discounts and special offers, including two-for-one drinks on specific days and access to the Burn event.

Landlord Pubs will employ cutting-edge technology throughout and help drive crypto mass adoption. Profits from Landlord Pubs will be used to buy back and burn tokens and add to liquidity.

Point Of Sale System The Landlord has developed a unique and intuitive Crypto Point of Sale system. This will enable bars, pubs, clubs, and cafes to take orders, manage inventory, and accept payment in various types of cryptocurrency, including $LNDLRD. The Point of Sale system will generate additional revenue through licensing partnerships and by charging other projects to be listed. These funds will be reinvested in $LNDLRD. Check out the demo, a part of the POS system.

NFT Collections The Landlord has launched its first utility-driven NFT collection, which can be blind-minted from The Landlord website for just 0.04 ETH.

These NFTs will be divided into four varieties, each with increasing rarity. They will begin with Standard (common), Bronze (fairly common), Silver (rare), and Gold (very rare).

Each variety will have a different random built-in discount or ability %, split across four areas: Store, Beer, Pubs, and Special Feature. The discounts are scaled based on the variety.

The Landlord project offers significant potential for both beer and crypto enthusiasts. With the three critical protocols, Landlord Beers, Landlord Pubs, and Point of Sale system, users can enjoy exciting real-world utilities, passive income, and NFTs that are driven by utility.

The project is designed to achieve mass adoption of crypto and drive significant revenue for investors. As profits are used to buy back and burn $LNDLRD tokens and add to liquidity, the value of the token is likely to increase over time. Moreover, as The Landlord expands, more people are likely to purchase $LNDLRD tokens, thereby driving up demand and prices. As a result, The Landlord project offers exciting opportunities for investors interested in beer and crypto. It aims to make a difference with its innovative protocols, NFT collections and Point of Sale system.


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