The Employment Commons Work Token

The Employment Commons Work Token


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What is The Employment Commons Work Token?

The Employment Commons introduces $WORK Rewards, a system that promotes economic incentives for the advancement of independent, self-sovereign workers. This initiative serves to align the interests of Commons Members and support the future of the independent worker.

The Commons consists of two types of Members: Employee and Coalition Members. Employee Members are independent workers who are co-employed through the ecosystem, while Coalition Members provide new Member referrals, technology, and services to the Commons. Employee Memberships are currently limited to qualified workers in the United States, with future plans for global expansion. On the other hand, all individuals, organizations, and DAOs, whether from the US or international, can become Coalition Members.

The economic model of the Commons allows for Stakeholder Capitalism, wherein $WORK serves as a Cooperative Patronage Rewards token to incentivize stakeholders to engage in certain patronage activities that are beneficial to the Commons. The $WORK tokens function as a unit of account to determine the amount of patronage profits a Member is entitled to if and when they are declared by the Commons.

In essence, the Commons provides Employee Members with the following benefits: group purchasing power for reduced costs on products and services (such as healthcare insurance, technology tools, and shared services), profit sharing with other stakeholders based on patronage, ownership in a shared network that protects Members' interests, and participation in the governance of the Commons.

Members earn $WORK through different means within the Commons ecosystem, such as using the Commons for the processing of payroll, employment benefits, and shared services as an Employee Member, referring new Employee Members, and staking $WORK for staking rewards.

The Employment Commons is dedicated to advancing the self-sovereign worker, and $WORK Rewards aims to incentivize Members to contribute to the development of this shared network. The Commons presents a promising opportunity for independent workers to collectively own and govern their own digital employment cooperative for their mutual benefit.


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