Terra World Token

Terra World Token


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Real Volume (24H)$91,174.11
Fully Diluted Valuation$18,781,841
Circulating Supply217M
Total Supply2.5B
Popularity Rank13473
What is Terra World Token?

Terra World Token (TWD) is the governance utility token of Terra World, the first NFT metaverse designed to provide a distinct remote work environment for businesses. Terra World is a gamified metaverse where users can create individual characters to perform various activities within the ecosystem. It is designed to attract workers, startup founders, and people seeking low-risk investments.

Terra World operates on the Terra blockchain, which is known for its various currencies and functions, including the cryptocurrency Luna, Terra's stable currency, and different DeFi apps. Terra World aims to use the Terra blockchain in providing a transparent payment and reward system, concluding in a revolutionary metaverse for work.

The increasing popularity of remote work, combined with the digitization of telecommunications, has contributed to the success of the metaverse world. Terra Office has turned out as an advantage here as it allows a team to work efficiently without the pressure of paying office rent. The aim is to enable anyone to start a business regardless of the individual’s background, age, or capital.

Terra World's Messenger service allows community members to launch airdrop events and sponsorships easily, while the accounts are created using the Terra chain wallet in the Terra ecosystem.

Furthermore, users can customize their offices using TWD tokens. TWD is also used for transactions like NFT sales, payroll contracts, and office functions within the metaverse. According to the vesting schedule, when a work contract is made, the staked TWD tokens are locked-up and paid to the job seekers. TWD tokens simplify wage and salary contracts between job seekers and office owners.

Terra World can also expand to include real estate purchases in the metaverse using NFTs, according to its whitepaper.

The total supply of TWD tokens is 2,500,000,000, with 30.8 percent going to investors, 5 percent to UST-TWD LP Reward, 10 percent to Community Marketing, 5 percent to Luna Staker Reward, 18 percent to Metaverse Reward, 1 percent to TWD Stake Reward, 1.2 percent to MINE Stake Reward, 20 percent to Team and Employees, 8 percent to Treasury, and 1 percent to Adviser.

TWD is a governance utility token, meaning holders of TWD have proportional voting rights in network decisions, such as setting the burn and fee rates. Terra World's Unified-Staking (UniStake) platform allows users to stake any ERC-20 token in the governance-chosen liquidity pools. Users also gain loyalty points, in the form of DFTP, as they interact with the DeFiat ecosystem, resulting in lower fee and burn rates on DFT transactions.

In conclusion, Terra World Token (TWD) is an innovative metaverse that offers a unique remote work environment for businesses, as well as low-risk investments. With its gamified platform, Terra World aims to attract workers, startup founders, and individuals seeking new opportunities in the digital space. TWD is a governance utility token that simplifies wage and salary contracts and allows users to customize their offices in the metaverse.


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