Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$451,665.61
Fully Diluted Valuation$16,325,214
ATH Date6/7/2021, 11:23:30 PM
ATL Date11/17/2022, 10:38:15 AM
Circulating Supply784M
Total Supply2.5B
Popularity Rank667
What is Ternoa?

Ternoa (CAPS) is a blockchain network developed by Capsule Corp. with a unique purpose in mind. Recognizing the importance of memories in an individual's life, Ternoa aims to address the challenge of preserving these memories efficiently and securely for future generations. While digital technology has allowed us to create memories, it often falls short when it comes to ensuring their long-term preservation.

The Ternoa blockchain platform offers users a secure and reliable way to store the data of their lives. Built on advanced open-source, decentralized, and democratic technology, the platform safeguards the contents of memories and enables data transfers through smart contracts and transmission protocols. Through the platform's software development kit (SDK), developers can create mobile or web applications that leverage the power of the Ternoa blockchain, making it accessible for various use cases. Capsule Corp. has also introduced an application called "Application Ternoa" developed from the SDK. This application allows users to create "Time Capsules" to encrypt, store, and transfer data securely over extended periods. These capsules take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) issued on the Ternoa blockchain network.

To create a capsule on the Application Ternoa, users start with an NFT that is minted on the blockchain. This capsule contains private and encrypted data, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of users' memories. The capsule can then be passed on to a new owner by providing them with the private keys. By adding a transfer protocol to the capsule, it becomes bound by time, and the predefined date triggers the protocol, automatically transferring the keys to the new owner.

At the heart of the Ternoa blockchain is its native token, CAPS. All transactions on the network are conducted using CAPS, which serves various purposes such as creating NFTs, encrypting data, and facilitating its storage over time. Ternoa also offers its own crypto wallet, providing users with a convenient way to manage their CAPS holdings effectively.

Looking back at the history of Ternoa (CAPS), Mickael Canu holds the positions of CEO and CTO within the platform. With a maximum supply of 2.5 billion tokens, CAPS plays a crucial role in powering the Ternoa blockchain and enabling the preservation of memories in a secure and decentralized manner.

In conclusion, Ternoa (CAPS) is a groundbreaking blockchain network developed by Capsule Corp. that addresses the vital need to preserve memories efficiently and securely. By leveraging advanced technology and innovative concepts like Time Capsules and NFTs, Ternoa offers users a reliable platform to store and transfer their data over time. With its native token CAPS and a user-friendly ecosystem, Ternoa empowers individuals to safeguard their memories and pass them on to future generations. The vision of Ternoa goes beyond blockchain technology—it aims to create a lasting impact by becoming a trusted guardian of cherished memories. As Ternoa continues to evolve and shape the future of memory preservation, it holds the potential to revolutionize how we cherish and share our most precious moments.


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