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Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$12.65
Fully Diluted Valuation$4.261576
ATH Date2/18/2023, 9:01:50 AM
ATL Date12/24/2022, 8:30:39 AM
Circulating Supply1.4K
Total Supply5M
Popularity Rank6140
What is TCG Verse?

TCGVerse is a unique NFT gaming project that aims to make various NFT projects playable as card NFTs in a turn-based digital card game. The platform aims to create a fun, engaging and interactive gaming experience for players worldwide by offering a wide range of NFT card games.

Rather than issuing its own card NFTs, TCGVerse plans to make NFTs from participating projects available as cards. Currently, CryptoSpells and MyCryptoHeroes have been confirmed as participating NFT projects for the TCGVerse release.

TCGCoin is the native cryptocurrency of TCGVerse. The TCGCoin token economy aims to achieve three elements: enabling Play to Earn games on TCGVerse, expanding the number of TCGVerse users, and contributing to the expansion of the OASYS chain ecosystem. The TCGCoin token will be used for in-game transactions, such as purchasing new card packs, trading cards, and other game items.

The total supply of TCGCoin is 100,000,000 TCGC, with 5% allocated to the project team, 20% for development, 15% for promotion, 20% as reserve, and 40% for the TCGVerse community. The allocation to the community is further broken down into 30% for CryptoSpells, 30% for TCGVerse, and the remaining 40% for other projects participating in TCGVerse.

TCGCoin tokens will be issued over 60 months, ensuring a steady and controlled supply of tokens. This approach aims to prevent market oversaturation and volatility, providing a more stable and reliable investment opportunity for token holders.

TCGVerse aims to maintain a decentralized approach to governance, with on-chain governance voting using TCGCoin scheduled to take place in late 2022 or later. The main part of the governance vote with TCGCoin will be a whitelist vote for the NFT project. This vote will select the games available on TCGVerse. Other governance votes on TCGVerse may also be conducted.

TCGVerse is an innovative NFT gaming project that aims to offer a unique gaming experience to players worldwide. With a clear and transparent token economy, controlled token circulation, and decentralized governance, TCGVerse presents an exciting investment opportunity for those interested in NFT gaming. As the project continues to expand and onboard new NFT projects, TCGVerse aims to become a leading platform for NFT card games.


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