Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$1,940,839.8
Fully Diluted Valuation$9,457,900
ATH Date3/22/2021, 5:38:18 AM
ATL Date12/24/2022, 3:30:42 PM
Circulating Supply2.8B
Total Supply10B
Popularity Rank683
What is Taraxa?

In a world where informal transactions often go unaudited and unverifiable, Taraxa is here to change the game. As a public ledger platform, Taraxa's mission is to bring trust to the informal transactional data that often goes unrecorded and unstructured. With a focus on making informal transactions trustworthy and eradicating operational friction, Taraxa is helping businesses make better, more responsive decisions.

The vision of Taraxa is to democratize reputation by tracking informal transactions and making this data verifiable. By doing so, Taraxa is empowering minor participants to have a trusted reputation with rich context and removing friction from business collaborations. In a world where it can be difficult for people to establish or prove their reputations, Taraxa offers purpose-built technology to resolve this issue.

The TARA token is the native token of Taraxa, and it has three significant uses: voting, gas fees, and staking. TARA tokens are used as gas fees to conduct transactions and execute contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Token owners can also vote for proposals for changes in the network and use their TARA coins for staking, helping the Taraxa network to grow and earning TARA tokens as rewards.

Taraxa has allocated its token supply as follows: 9% of the tokens will go towards seed sales, 15.1% will be used in private sales, 11.8% will go towards public sales, 15% will be distributed among the Taraxa team, 20% will be kept reserved for the company's foundation, 28.4% will be used for the community and ecosystem, and 0.65% will be reserved for exchange security deposits.

In conclusion, Taraxa is poised to revolutionize the way we approach informal transactions and bring trust to the forefront of these interactions. With its innovative technology and a commitment to democratizing reputation, Taraxa is set to become a game-changer in the world of public ledger platforms.

Taraxa has an aim to create a public ledger platform to track informal transactions, to make them trustworthy and valuable. With its purpose-built technology, Taraxa wants to bring together minor participants who would otherwise struggle to establish their reputation, to have a verifiable reputation with rich context. This will ultimately reduce friction from business collaborations, as each entity will have a reliable reputation.

Taraxa is a blockchain platform that uses a secure, decentralized network to ensure that informal transactions are recorded accurately, transparently, and in real-time. The platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain, which is known for its security, stability, and reliability. TARA tokens are used as the native currency of the platform, and it has three main uses- for voting, for gas fees, and for staking.

The TARA token is a crucial part of the Taraxa ecosystem, as it is used to provide security and stability to the network. When users hold TARA tokens, they are helping to secure the network and are also eligible to earn rewards for staking. The more TARA tokens a user holds, the more rewards they can receive. This creates an incentive for users to help the network grow and become more robust, making it more useful and valuable for everyone.

The Taraxa platform has allocated a portion of its token supply to the community and ecosystem, to help drive adoption and build a supportive network of users. The foundation of the company is also kept with 20% of the tokens’ allocation, which is important for the continued development and success of the platform. In addition, the exchange security deposit is kept with 0.65% of the tokens’ allocation, which helps to ensure the security and stability of the platform for all users.

In conclusion, Taraxa is a new and innovative platform that aims to make informal transactions verifiable, trustworthy, and valuable. With its focus on democratizing reputation and reducing friction from business collaborations, Taraxa has the potential to change the way that businesses and individuals operate. With its secure and decentralized network, TARA tokens, and supportive ecosystem, Taraxa is well positioned to become a leading platform in the blockchain industry.


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