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Real Volume (24H)$1,201,294.4
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date3/29/2021, 9:04:08 AM
ATL Date9/28/2020, 2:39:49 AM
Circulating Supply479M
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank429
What is Syntropy?

Syntropy, also known as NOIA, is a revolutionary blockchain-based connectivity system that aims to solve the problems currently faced by the traditional internet infrastructure. The system utilizes a variety of technologies, including blockchain, optimized routing, and encryption, to create a unifying layer that delivers optimal performance. This new system is designed to work seamlessly with existing internet protocols through a programmability layer, which ensures resource optimization and eliminates the bottlenecks and shortcomings of the current framework.

The Syntropy network is built on the Substrate framework and uses a modified proof of stake (PoS) algorithm known as nominated proof of stake (NPoS). This modified algorithm serves as a governance layer that sustains the decentralized autonomous protocol (DARP) of the network. The DARP is used to analyze and understand internet pathways, making it possible for the network to optimize performance and improve overall efficiency.

The Syntropy ecosystem is open-source, and it serves as a platform for various applications and technology systems. The ecosystem is powered by a native digital asset, known as NOIA, which enables a decentralized economy catering to a large number of community members and node infrastructure developers. The blockchain nodes that make up the Syntropy network are interconnected servers that continuously exchange information.

NOIA is the cryptocurrency that powers the Syntropy value-based economy. It is used to collect fees for all transactions executed on the network, and it also serves as an incentive for network operation and use. All data passed through the network is accounted for in tokens that reflect units of value, making it possible for users to earn rewards by becoming NPoS validators. To become a validator, users need to stake NOIA tokens.

The history of Syntropy dates back to 2017, when it was co-founded by Dom Povilauskas, William Norton, and Jonas Simanavicius. Povilauskas serves as the CEO of Syntropy, while Norton and Simanavicius are the chief technical liaison and CTO, respectively. The core team also includes CRO Jeff Lacouture and CMO Kevin Gavin. The maximum total supply of NOIA tokens is 1 trillion, with 15% reserved for the reward pool and 50% for staking.

In summary, Syntropy (NOIA) is a revolutionary connectivity system that utilizes blockchain technology to improve the performance and security of the traditional internet infrastructure. It is an open-source ecosystem powered by a native digital asset, NOIA, which enables a decentralized economy catering to a large number of community members and node infrastructure developers. The system was co-founded in 2017 and has a maximum total supply of 1 trillion tokens. The team behind Syntropy is dedicated to revolutionizing the internet as we know it, making it faster, more secure, and more efficient.


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