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Real Volume (24H)$235,691.85
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date1/31/2022, 2:31:49 AM
ATL Date12/26/2022, 12:10:51 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank13368
What is Synesis One?

Data is a critical component of artificial intelligence (AI). Regardless of how advanced an AI algorithm is, if the input data is flawed or low-quality, the output result will be erroneous or unsatisfactory. In addition to data quality, quantity also plays a crucial role in the success of AI. However, tech giants tend to hoard and monetize their users' data, which enables them to dominate the field of AI and reap huge profits. Synesis One, a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), aims to challenge this paradigm and democratize AI by providing a play-to-earn platform that incentivizes users to create high-quality datasets that can train AI.

Synesis One's platform encourages users to create datasets by developing games that reward them with Kanon NFTs, which can be staked for membership and access to the ecosystem's games. The platform also plans to create and sell Kanon NFTs that provide passive income to owners just for holding them. Each Kanon NFT will represent a unique word, and when the word is used by AI clients such as Mind AI, the NFT holder will receive a portion of the fee paid by the client.

By utilizing the Solana blockchain to store training data, Synesis One enables democratization of data and AI. Unlike tech giants, Synesis One is committed to making data accessible to everyone, not just a select few. By decentralizing access to data and incentivizing users to contribute to the platform's growth, Synesis One is fostering a community-driven AI ecosystem that benefits everyone, not just a few tech giants.

Synesis One's Kanon NFTs provide more than just passive income to holders. They also offer a sense of ownership and participation in a community-driven AI ecosystem. By staking Kanon NFTs for membership, users can access games that make participation worthwhile and enjoyable. Synesis One's platform is not just about earning money but also about learning and growing with the community. By providing a platform that enables users to contribute to AI development, Synesis One is changing the game and providing a new way to think about AI and its potential.

In conclusion, Synesis One's decentralized play-to-earn platform and Kanon NFTs are set to revolutionize the field of AI. By democratizing access to data and incentivizing users to create high-quality datasets, Synesis One is challenging the dominance of tech giants and empowering everyone to contribute to AI development. Kanon NFTs provide a unique opportunity for users to earn passive income while participating in a community-driven ecosystem that makes AI accessible and fun. By leveraging the Solana blockchain, Synesis One is creating a future where AI is no longer controlled by a select few, but instead, is powered by the collective efforts of a community committed to creating a better world.


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