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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$5,471,765
ATH Date12/2/2021, 12:03:46 AM
ATL Date12/20/2022, 1:45:40 AM
Circulating Supply96M
Total Supply199M
Popularity Rank3057
What is Synapse Network?

Synapse Network (SNP) is a revolutionary platform that ushers in a new era of fundraising in the world of smart contract blockchains. With its standardized protocol and cross-chain acquisition ecosystem, Synapse Network is at the forefront of enabling fundraising opportunities for everyone. The platform has been meticulously designed from the ground up to facilitate financing at any stage of project growth. Moreover, Synapse Network strives to embody the concept of a fully controlled financial institution supported by decentralized finance (DeFi) products.

To cater to the diverse needs of its users, Synapse Network offers two comprehensive streams: retail and institutional. The retail stream empowers individual investors to channel their traditional funds into DeFi products, while the institutional stream allows companies from traditional markets to leverage cryptocurrencies as precise acquisition vehicles and transactional assets for their day-to-day operations.

Addressing the challenges faced by early adopters of technology, Synapse Network aims to provide solutions to the following issues:

  1. Lack of funds and communication channels for startups and small business owners.
  2. Stalling of projects at the idea phase due to insufficient funding.
  3. Limited opportunities for private investors to participate in early funding rounds.
  4. Inadequate information and difficulties in conducting due diligence on startups and founders.

At the heart of the Synapse Network ecosystem is its native token, SNP. Users of the DeFi Synapse platform can stake SNP tokens to participate in Synapse Network events and earn valuable rewards. By staking SNP tokens, users can secure preferred levels, even mere minutes before the commencement of any deal. Staked tokens can be unstaked within a seven-day timeframe, albeit with a penalty fee. However, after 30 days of uninterrupted staking, users can achieve premium staker status and earn additional SNP tokens.

The Synapse Network was founded by Michal Domarecki, who serves as the co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the ecosystem. Pawel Laskarzewski holds the position of CEO at the Synapse platform. The maximum supply of SNP tokens is set at 500,000,000, ensuring a controlled and sustainable token economy.

As the Synapse Network continues to evolve, it remains committed to revolutionizing fundraising processes, fostering financial inclusivity, and empowering both retail investors and institutional players. With a strong leadership team and a clear vision for the future, Synapse Network is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of decentralized finance. Join the Synapse Network today and embark on a transformative journey towards a more accessible and efficient fundraising landscape.

In conclusion, Synapse Network (SNP) is paving the way for a new era of fundraising by leveraging smart contract blockchains and decentralized finance (DeFi) products. With its standardized protocol and cross-chain acquisition ecosystem, it offers a comprehensive solution for both retail and institutional investors. By addressing the funding challenges faced by startups and small businesses, Synapse Network provides a platform for growth and innovation. The native SNP token plays a vital role in the ecosystem, allowing users to participate in events, earn rewards, and stake their tokens for additional benefits. With a dedicated team of founders and a clear vision for the future, Synapse Network is poised to redefine the way projects are funded and empower individuals and organizations in the world of finance. Join the Synapse Network and be a part of the decentralized fundraising revolution.


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