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Real Volume (24H)$4.6
Fully Diluted Valuation$7,042.01
ATH Date5/11/2022, 3:50:45 PM
ATL Date12/22/2022, 7:53:22 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply86M
Popularity Rank13344
What is Swinca?

Swinca, a decentralized platform, has set out on a mission to make luxury real estate accessible to a wider audience. Their ultimate goal can be summed up in one sentence: the democratization of decentralized real estate.

Swinca envisions a world where real estate tokenization becomes a reality through the use of smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. In the year 2022, this concrete application of blockchain technology holds tremendous potential, not just for Swinca but for others in the market as well.

Key Advantages of Swinca's Approach:

  1. Market Liquidity: Swinca's platform aims to foster liquidity in the real estate market, facilitating instant transactions at reduced costs and offering enhanced profitability. By removing traditional barriers to entry, Swinca empowers individuals to participate in real estate investment with greater ease and flexibility.

  2. Transparency and Security: With transactions recorded securely on the blockchain, Swinca ensures transparency and immutability. Investors now have the ability to access detailed information about properties, including occupancy rates, transaction history, return rates, and appreciation trends. Armed with this data, investors can make well-informed decisions that align with their investment goals.

  3. Performance Insights: Swinca's platform goes beyond just facilitating transactions. It provides users with valuable insights into the performance of each property. By accessing data on occupancy rates, transaction volumes, and return rates, investors can gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential and profitability of their real estate investments.

The total supply of SWI tokens is set at 400,000,000. These tokens serve as the digital assets powering the Swinca ecosystem. With a finite supply, SWI tokens carry value and utility within the platform, enabling users to participate in real estate investment opportunities.

Swinca was founded by Jérôme Lopez, an accomplished business angel with a track record of success. Throughout his career, Lopez has launched multiple thriving companies, particularly in the energy sector. Notable ventures include Home Master Led and the investment fund "Lopez Capital Group LTD." With his entrepreneurial acumen and expertise, Lopez brings a wealth of knowledge to the Swinca project.

Co-founder Aymane LBAZE complements the team with his experience in creating B2B companies focused on website and mobile application development. His proficiency in delivering cutting-edge digital solutions has benefited numerous clients, further bolstering the capabilities of the Swinca platform.

In summary, Swinca is driving the democratization of decentralized real estate, making luxury properties accessible to a broader audience. With their focus on real estate tokenization, Swinca harnesses the power of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain to offer market liquidity, transparency, and valuable insights into property performance. With a dedicated team led by experienced founders, Swinca is poised to reshape the real estate industry and empower individuals to participate in this lucrative market.


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