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Real Volume (24H)$202,841
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date6/22/2021, 8:18:06 AM
ATL Date9/20/2022, 2:06:45 PM
Circulating Supply63M
Total Supply63M
Popularity Rank494
What is Swarm?

Swarm is a decentralized storage and communication platform that provides a secure, self-sustaining, and resilient infrastructure for a fair data economy. With its innovative architecture, Swarm ensures that users remain sovereign owners of their personal data, while allowing them to communicate and access their data from any device on demand. The system is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts to enforce its incentive system, making it economically self-sustaining.

Swarm's mission is to bring decentralization back to the internet by becoming the operating system of the decentralized web. With its advanced features and services, Swarm empowers developers to create unstoppable dApps that can operate 24/7, even when individual nodes go offline. The platform offers privacy preservation, communication, and redundancy, ensuring that data is available and secure at all times.

One of Swarm's key strengths is its radical data ownership and management system. Data is divided into small chunks and stored throughout the network, removing the need for central hubs that are vulnerable to attacks. Node operators are compensated for storing data, but cannot know what content is stored on their nodes. This system creates a fair data economy, where all node operators participate in ensuring the availability and integrity of data, instead of relying on intermediaries.

Swarm also enables zero-cost economics by shifting the cost of access, hosting, and execution to users. This eliminates the last obstacle to agile and adaptive application development and makes web3 a reality. The platform's native token, BZZ, is used to compensate node operators for their services, such as bandwidth and storage. The network incentivizes constructive behavior, with node operators that provide more bandwidth and storage receiving more traffic and rewards.

The Swarm Network has a growing ecosystem that includes decentralized marketplaces, art, NFTs, archives, data stores, music streaming, and more. The Swarm Foundation actively supports the growth of this ecosystem through grants and collaborations with the web3 community. By transforming the cloud as we know it, Swarm aims to create an autonomous system for storing information, private, and unstoppable, for a digital self-sovereign society.

Swarm is a blockchain-based decentralized storage and communication platform that empowers a sovereign digital society. It offers a self-sustaining infrastructure for the economy of data, where users remain the sovereign owners of their personal information, in accordance with fair data principles. The system is resilient to connectivity issues, node failures, and DDoS attacks, ensuring zero downtime and uninterrupted service.

Swarm's ultimate goal is to become the operating system for the re-decentralized internet. It enables the deployment of unstoppable decentralized applications (dApps) with built-in privacy preservation, communication, and redundancy features. Data is securely stored in small chunks across the network, eliminating the need for vulnerable central hubs and allowing for radical data ownership and management. With no central authority controlling or monetizing the data, node operators collectively participate in enabling a fair data economy.

The Swarm network operates with BZZ, its native token, used to compensate node operators for providing storage and bandwidth services. The network incentivizes constructive behavior, where node operators that offer more storage and bandwidth while quickly delivering popular chunks receive more traffic and rewards. The token supply is not fixed and can increase or decrease through the bonding curve mechanism, making BZZ neither inflationary nor deflationary.

Swarm has a thriving ecosystem, with various decentralized marketplaces, NFTs, archives, data stores, and music streaming services already built on its platform. The Swarm Foundation actively supports this growth through grants and collaborations with the web3 community. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and the BZZ token, Swarm aims to revolutionize the traditional cloud computing model and create an autonomous system for storing information for a self-sovereign digital society.


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