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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$46,433
ATH Date5/5/2022, 1:48:55 PM
ATL Date11/18/2022, 8:45:49 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100M
Popularity Rank13439
What is Supercars?

Supercars has created a revolutionary CarDAO ecosystem within the metaverse, seamlessly integrating communication and entertainment for car enthusiasts. With features like Supercar Club, Arena PVE, Arena PVP, Club League Tournament, Car Rental, LP Staking Pool, CarDAO Construction, NFT Trading, Car Fans Community, License Plate Bidding, and more, Supercars offers a captivating environment for players to compete and connect with fellow car fans. Each category offers a unique focus, yet they are all interconnected, enhancing the overall experience.

Driving the ecosystem is CAR, the token powering the Supercars platform. CAR serves multiple purposes:

  1. Digital Proof of Interest: CAR represents the users' interest in the Supercars ecosystem, and its value lies in distributing revenue generated by the platform to all CAR holders through smart contracts.

  2. Incentives for Bookkeepers: CAR incentivizes network participants by financially rewarding their engagement as bookkeepers, contributing to the system's operations.

  3. Governance: CAR serves as equity certificates, enabling holders to participate in decision-making processes within the platform.

  4. Revenue Reflection: CAR reflects the value gained by Supercars in its ecological mechanism, allowing users to benefit from the platform's success.

CAR Issuance Mechanism:

  • CAR is the sole token for the Supercars platform and acts as the exclusive equity credential for CarDAO.
  • The total supply of CAR is 300,000,000 units.
  • Each transaction and NFT minting process generates a certain amount of CAR destruction, resulting in 100,000,000 units being permanently removed from circulation.
  • The circulating supply is currently 5,998,441 units, and additional CARs will be mined by CarDAO members through PLAY-TO-EARN and CREATE-TO-EARN activities in the Supercars application.

The acquisition of CAR tokens is based on the contribution value. Users who contribute more to the ecosystem receive higher CAR rewards, aligning with the concept of returning data value to users.

  • Yield Farming or Mining: Users providing liquidity support for CAR circulation can participate in the LP Staking program, sharing a 1% CAR allocation from each transaction across the network.
  • Game Access: Participating in Supercars' games generates CAR tokens. Activities such as parking Supercars, competing in races, joining Supercar clubs, and other interactions within the Supercars scenario contribute to the token's value and reward users with CAR tokens.

Meet the Founders of Supercars:

Supercars is brought to you by the team at Darqtec, an Australian-based web and software development firm established in 2019. Darqtec specializes in the emerging fields of blockchain, Web 3.0, FinTech, and GamFi industries. Led by Aaron T Cassar, who has 6 years of experience in the gaming industry and 2 years in gamefi exchanges, the team has been involved in numerous game designs and developments, with Aaron serving as a team lead.


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