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Real Volume (24H)$242,366.28
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date11/25/2021, 7:50:30 PM
ATL Date10/26/2021, 9:58:04 AM
Circulating Supply27M
Total Supply100M
Popularity Rank1015
What is Stratos?

Stratos (STOS) is an innovative decentralized data mechanism that aims to revolutionize the way storage, database, and computation networks function. With a focus on scalability, self-balancing, and reliability, Stratos provides a solid foundation for efficient and secure data processing. The platform utilizes advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal performance and incentivize network participants and contributors.

At the heart of Stratos lies the Proof-of-Traffic (PoT) algorithm, which calculates approximate resource usage, including storage, computing, and traffic, based on actual user traffic. By leveraging PoT, the platform rewards network participants according to their resource contributions, fostering a fair and decentralized ecosystem. This algorithm allows for efficient allocation of resources, ensuring that the network operates smoothly and efficiently.

Stratos also boasts its own blockchain, which plays a crucial role in measuring computing resource usage. To achieve this, the platform employs the Practical Byzantine Fault-Tolerant (PBFT) consensus mechanism. PBFT ensures the system's resilience even in the face of malicious nodes or failures, providing a robust and secure environment for data processing. The integration of PoT with PBFT enables Stratos to offer settlement and financial payment services to its users in a transparent and efficient manner.

As outlined in its whitepaper, Stratos serves as a decentralized data mesh for blockchain, introducing the next generation of decentralized computing services. This innovative approach allows DApp developers to deploy, execute, and store their data and code using decentralized mechanisms. Smart contracts, which are protocols running on the blockchain, replace traditional paper contracts, offering a more secure and efficient way to conduct business.

The next generation of decentralized data mesh encompasses several key features:

  1. Storage: Stratos provides a decentralized storage network driven by data traffic. Users have the flexibility to store any size or type of data, ensuring scalability and accessibility.

  2. Database: Stratos offers a scalable, non-maintenance database with no single-point failure. The blockchain's immutability enables data aggregation for multiple blockchain projects, enhancing interoperability and efficiency.

  3. Computing: Stratos' decentralized computing network exemplifies edge computing, delivering low latency and a trusted execution environment. This ensures fast and secure data processing for users across the network.

  4. Blockchain: The Stratos blockchain serves as the backbone for decentralized ledger transactions and facilitates the value circulation within the ecosystem. STOS, the native currency of the platform, is used to leverage various modules, including Stratos Decentralized Storage (SDS).

The history of Stratos dates back to its whitepaper release in 2021. The platform's founder, Bin Zhu, and CTO, Jin Zuo, have been instrumental in shaping the ecosystem's vision and technological advancements. With a maximum token supply of 100,000,000, STOS plays a vital role in enabling seamless and secure data processing within the Stratos ecosystem.

In conclusion, Stratos (STOS) is pioneering a new era of decentralized data processing. By leveraging advanced algorithms, a robust blockchain infrastructure, and innovative computing services, Stratos provides a scalable, reliable, and secure platform for storing, managing, and processing data. With its focus on decentralization and incentivization, Stratos is poised to transform the way businesses and developers interact with data in the digital age.


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