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ATH Date6/7/2021, 2:23:46 PM
ATL Date6/18/2022, 11:35:14 PM
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Total Supply1T
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What is StopElon?

Stopelon emerged as a response to the frustration stemming from market manipulation by influential figures. The team behind Stopelon believes that self-absorbed business leaders, including Elon Musk, have been able to sway cryptocurrency and stock prices worldwide with mere tweets and media comments. This growing sentiment among ordinary people has fueled the need to disrupt this trend and demand change.

What sets Stopelon apart from other cryptocurrencies is its mission and community-driven approach. It positions itself as the first protest token, aiming to acquire enough voting power at Tesla to take control of the company from Elon Musk. In doing so, Stopelon seeks to empower and reward its token holders.

The project has gained significant attention and has been featured in news articles globally, highlighting the growing support for its cause.

Stopelon operates on a fixed supply model, meaning no new tokens can be minted or created. Out of the total supply, 10% (5%+5%) is allocated to the Developer wallet and Marketing wallet. As a deflationary BEP-20 token, over 40% of the total supply has been burned, both automatically and manually.

A 10% tax is applied to every transaction within the Stopelon ecosystem. Currently, 2% is redistributed to holders, while 8% goes to the Pancakeswap liquidity pool. This initial tax distribution is designed to grow the liquidity pool to market capitalization (MC) ratio, establishing a strong price floor during the initial weeks. Once the target MC to LP ratio of 10% is achieved, the redistribution will shift to 6% for holders and 4% for LP. At this stage, "automatic burning" will be enabled by including the burn wallet in the redistribution process. It is important to note that the burn wallet (48%), marketing wallet (5%), and dev wallet (5%) are excluded from the reward distribution during the growth phase. Consequently, the 2% is split among only 40% of the total supply, resulting in an effective ~5% reward for holders instead of 6%. The target tax rate will eventually be 10%, with 4% going to LP and 6% to holders, including all wallets.

Stopelon launched on the BSC mainnet on May 16th, 2021, with an initial supply of 1,000,000,000,000 STOPELON tokens. At genesis, 43% of the tokens were burnt. Further manual and automatic burns are planned, and no new tokens will be minted.

In conclusion, Stopelon strives to combat market manipulation by powerful individuals, spearheading a movement for change through blockchain technology. By empowering token holders and driving community engagement, Stopelon aims to reshape the landscape of financial markets. Stay tuned for the exciting developments and join the movement to stop market manipulation with Stopelon.


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