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Real Volume (24H)$19,374,209.26
Fully Diluted Valuation$27,959,755
ATH Date3/19/2021, 1:53:51 PM
ATL Date5/12/2022, 10:21:20 AM
Circulating Supply56M
Total Supply114M
Popularity Rank695
What is Stafi?

StaFi is a cross-chain staking derivative protocol that aims to revolutionize the way users earn yield from their cryptocurrency holdings. The protocol allows users to stake their proof-of-stake assets and receive rTokens in return, which can then be traded and redeemed for the corresponding amount of the locked and staked asset. FIS is the native token of the StaFi protocol, used for staking, minting rTokens, and paying transaction fees on the network.

The problem with the current staking model is that most protocols require users to lock their tokens for a certain period, hindering the liquidity of their assets. With the introduction of rTokens, StaFi seeks to address this issue and make staking more accessible and profitable for users. rTokens are redeemable tokens that represent a staked asset and are built specifically for liquidity. For example, if a user lends 100 BNB to the liquidity pool, they will receive 100 rBNB tokens. These rTokens enable users to earn staking rewards and access liquidity by trading the rTokens directly.

To maintain the stability of the StaFi protocol, StaFi Validators (SV) and StaFi Special Validators (SSV) are necessary. That's where the FIS token comes in, providing security to the network by staking and paying for transaction fees on the StaFi chain. In addition, FIS is also used for on-chain governance and minting and redeeming rTokens.

The development of StaFi began in early 2021, with the launch and integration of the rToken in Q1. By Q3 of the same year, the platform introduced a robust system for the rToken and started exploring the possibilities of an open staking derivative platform. In Q1 of 2022, the platform launched StaFiHub and its native decentralized exchange, rDex, among other exciting developments.

StaFi's two-year roadmap is a testament to its commitment to unlocking the liquidity of staked assets and making staking more accessible and profitable for users. With its innovative approach to staking and the use of rTokens, StaFi is set to make a significant impact on the DeFi space and bridge the gap between the existing financial system and the world of cryptocurrency.

StaFi (FIS) is a DeFi platform built on the Ethereum network, designed to unlock the liquidity of staked assets for users. This is achieved through the issuance of "rTokens", which are representative of the staked assets and designed for liquidity. The rToken concept aims to allow users to access staking rewards and liquidity by trading the rTokens directly.

The StaFi protocol is maintained by StaFi Validators (SV) and StaFi Special Validators (SSV), which are crucial to the stability and security of the platform. The FIS token is the native token of the protocol and is used for staking, transactions, and on-chain governance. This provides security to the network by helping to pay for transaction fees and maintain the stability of the system.

In terms of history, StaFi has had a busy two-year roadmap. The launch and integration of rToken occurred in Q1 2021, with a robust system for rToken introduced in Q3 of the same year. The exploration of an open staking derivative platform took place in Q4 2021, and plans for the launch of StaFiHub and the native decentralized exchange rDex are set for Q1 2022.

Overall, the goal of StaFi is to bridge the gap between the traditional financial system and the DeFi world by allowing users to earn yield through their cryptocurrency holdings. The project aims to maximize staking rewards for users, making it easier and more accessible for users to participate in the proof-of-stake ecosystem. By unlocking the liquidity of staked assets, StaFi is poised to become a leading player in the DeFi space.


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