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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted Valuation$775,696
ATH Date4/21/2022, 11:12:04 AM
ATL Date12/25/2022, 8:45:25 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1B
Popularity Rank13334
What is SquishiVerse?

Squishiverse is a new and exciting blockchain game that merges the elements of massively multiplayer online (MMO) and role-playing games (RPG) with an NFT marketplace and liquidity pool. The game boasts a 3D isometric art-style and aims to leverage the full potential of blockchain technology to create synergies between gaming and decentralized assets.

The native utility token of Squishiverse is called $SLIME (SlimeCoin), which players can use to mint exclusive NFTs, access and whitelist top-tier projects, and enjoy other in-game utilities. Additionally, players can earn $xSLIME by staking Squishiverse NFTs, which allows for gasless transactions within the Squishiverse marketplace. Holders can also bridge $xSLIME to $SLIME and vice versa to enjoy Level 1 (L1) benefits.

The Squishiverse project was launched in February 2022 and has already achieved several key roadmap goals, including the successful minting of an NFT collection of 8888 supply and the implementation of rarity-based NFT staking and a gasless token built within its own innovative Layer 2 (L2) solution. The project has also launched its token on a decentralized exchange (DEX) and followed it up with an LP farm.

The Squishiverse project is helmed by notable Web3 Asian artist FourLeafClover, who serves as the face of the project. Squishiverse was born out of a desire to support artists and developers in their Web3 journey, particularly in the challenging conditions of entry into the scene.

The Squishiverse team comprises experienced professionals from both Web2 and Web3 industries, with each member bringing their unique skills to the table. The team's emphasis on delivering on roadmap promises in a swift and efficient manner has earned them the trust of the community. The team has also implemented several trust-based measures, such as full transparency with the community and the use of multi-signature wallets for the storage and use of project funds.

Squishiverse's never-ending cycle of new and exclusive content promises to drive constant value back into the project, rewarding NFT holders and metaverse participants. The game's seamless and innovative L2 solutions for trading within the ecosystem will further enhance the gaming experience. Traditional MMORPG components, such as raids, will be implemented, allowing fellow NFT owners and guilds to dominate the metaverse together. Players will also have the option to build and customize their own safe haven.

Squishiverse incentivizes players to play and grind by offering an exceptional gameplay loop. The game accommodates all holders with incredible social interactions and gameplay features. The competitive and rewarding gameplay loop offers players the opportunity to earn exclusive and rare NFTs as well as $SLIME.

The total supply of $SLIME is 1 billion tokens. As of now, the tokens in circulation are from stakers bridging $xSLIME to $SLIME. The breakdown of the token gives allocations towards the treasury, liquidity pools, NFT staking, deflationary measures, in-game ecosystem, team reserve, and further staking reserves.

$SLIME is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, which is secured by Ethereum's proof-of-work (POW) consensus mechanism. This ensures the security of the token and provides peace of mind to its holders.

$SLIME is available on Uniswap V2. If you're interested in learning more about buying cryptocurrencies, you can refer to our guide.

Squishiverse is a promising blockchain game that combines various NFT elements, such as an NFT marketplace, a liquidity pool, and an engaging 3D Isometric art-style, with traditional MMORPG and RPG gameplay elements. The project aims to take full advantage of the blockchain's potential in gaming and decentralize assets. The native utility token of the Squishiverse is $SLIME, which is used to mint exclusive NFTs and access top-tier projects within the ecosystem.

The team behind the Squishiverse project has achieved significant milestones since its launch, such as successfully minting an NFT collection and implementing innovative L2 solutions for gasless interactions within its own marketplace. The project offers a never-ending cycle of new and exclusive content for the Squishiverse, making it truly unique and rewarding for NFT holders and metaverse participants.

Overall, Squishiverse offers an engaging and competitive gameplay loop that incentivizes players to grind and earn exclusive and rare NFTs, as well as $SLIME. If you're interested in investing in Squishiverse, you can buy $SLIME on Uniswap V2.


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