Spaceswap SHAKE

Spaceswap SHAKE


Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$9,698.17
Fully Diluted Valuation$497,138
ATH Date2/5/2021, 11:32:12 AM
ATL Date12/7/2020, 9:53:58 PM
Circulating Supply759
Total Supply759
Popularity Rank3178
What is Spaceswap SHAKE?

SpaceSwap is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that was launched on September 10, 2020, with the aim of providing users with residual income through the best that DeFi has to offer. This innovative platform introduces two significant technologies that have the power to transform DeFi and make it more secure, transparent, and accessible to all.

One of the most exciting innovations that SpaceSwap brings to the DeFi space is its Shadow Staking technology. This technology enables users to keep their LP tokens in their personal wallets while their liquidity is in use on partner exchanges, thereby making it safe from cyber hijack attacks. With Shadow Staking, all tokens are kept by the holder, which makes the staking process more secure and transparent.

The SpaceSwap Milk2 (MILK2) token and the SpaceSwap Shake (SHAKE) token are the two tokens that power the SpaceSwap ecosystem. The tokenomics system shared between these two tokens creates a financial ecosystem that is entirely novel in its kind. The SpaceSwap Shake coin is the native SpaceSwap coin and is initially pegged to the SpaceSwap Milk2 coin at a 1:1000 ratio (1 SpaceSwap Shake = 1,000 SpaceSwap Milk2). The emission is limited to only 5,000 coins, making the coin highly valuable.

SpaceSwap offers several tools to its users, including the Interstellar platform, the SHAKE Blender, the Index platform, the Bridge, NFT Stars, and NFT Mania. The Interstellar platform allows liquidity providers to add LP tokens to the Milky Planets (farming pools), and users start to farm MILK2 tokens. The SHAKE Blender allows users to exchange SpaceSwap Milk2 for Shake and vice versa. The Index platform is a platform for buying index tokens (sets of tokens), which lowers the investment risks present in the crypto sphere. The Bridge allows all tokens to migrate across chains. If the liquidity on the SpaceSwap Bridge is exhausted, users need to wait until the team burns SpaceSwap Milk2 and Shake on Ethereum and creates them on BSC. NFT Stars is a platform for buying hand-picked NFTs created by talented artists, and the NFT Mania is the first-ever NFT quest based on a fully gamified platform, where users can compete individually or as a group to get to the three chests with the final prizes.

SpaceSwap's founder and CEO is Dan Khomenko, a prominent figure in the FinTech, banking, blockchain, and crypto industries. He is one of the top managers of Platinum Software Development Company and advisor to multiple prominent projects. Dan has been heavily involved in SpaceSwap's development since the early days and put much effort into the expansion of the ecosystem as well as being involved in the creation of NFT Stars.

In conclusion, SpaceSwap is an innovative DeFi platform that brings a range of tools and technologies to the DeFi space, making it more accessible and secure for users. With its Shadow Staking technology and novel tokenomics system, SpaceSwap is poised to transform the DeFi space and offer users a more secure and transparent way to invest in the crypto sphere. With the backing of experienced industry leaders like Dan Khomenko, SpaceSwap is sure to achieve great things in the future.


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