Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$1,046.75
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date2/8/2022, 10:36:05 AM
ATL Date1/8/2021, 10:25:24 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply300M
Popularity Rank3734
What is SPACE-iZ?

SPACE-iZ is a new Decentralised Economic System (DES) of applications aimed at providing a fair and equitable alternative to current service platforms, such as ride hailing, food delivery, and property rental, all underpinned by a single wallet. By utilizing blockchain technology, SPACE-iZ has created a more sustainable business model, which benefits all stakeholders and promotes a prosperous future for all.

SPACE-iZ offers an inclusive system where all participants become stakeholders, ensuring that everyone has a say in how the system operates. This approach ensures that everyone benefits from the success of the platform, whether they are users, service providers, or investors.

One of the key benefits of SPACE-iZ is that it is commission-free. This means that businesses are not burdened with high fees, enabling them to reinvest and grow their business. This model encourages entrepreneurship and innovation and allows businesses to thrive in a competitive environment.

Another advantage of SPACE-iZ is its speed. Using blockchain technology allows stakeholders to make and receive payments efficiently, reducing the time and cost of transactions. The platform's payment processing is incredibly fast, allowing users to complete transactions almost instantly.

At the heart of SPACE-iZ is its Wallet, which acts as a single login ID for all the applications on the platform. This Wallet is easy to use and offers a range of features designed to facilitate real-world economic activity. Users can carry out a range of activities, including food preparation, ordering, and delivery or property rental, and receive rewards for their participation. This feature encourages users to participate in the platform and promotes a sense of community.

SPACE-iZ is committed to creating a sustainable future for all stakeholders. By using blockchain technology, SPACE-iZ offers a secure and transparent platform that promotes trust and accountability. The platform's decentralization ensures that no single entity can control the system, ensuring that all stakeholders have an equal say in how the platform operates.

The SPACE-iZ platform offers a range of benefits to businesses, including increased efficiency, lower costs, and a more sustainable business model. By enabling businesses to operate more efficiently, SPACE-iZ can help them grow and create new jobs, contributing to economic growth and prosperity.

In conclusion, SPACE-iZ is an innovative Decentralised Economic System that offers a range of benefits to users and businesses alike. By utilizing blockchain technology, SPACE-iZ has created a platform that is fast, efficient, and sustainable, promoting economic growth and prosperity for all stakeholders. With its inclusive model, commission-free structure, and commitment to sustainability, SPACE-iZ is poised to become a leading platform for service providers and users around the world.


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