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Real Volume (24H)$320,854.96
Fully Diluted Valuation$5,809,119
ATH Date4/6/2021, 2:35:00 PM
ATL Date5/11/2020, 11:18:05 PM
Circulating Supply2M
Total Supply2M
Popularity Rank3178
What is Sora?

SORA (XOR) represents an innovative supranational economic system that seeks to decentralize the concept of a central bank. Additionally, it functions as a Polkadot ecosystem network, intricately linked to the Polkadot relay chain and parachains, while offering a range of built-in DeFi tools. The SORA network serves as a platform for decentralized applications that leverage digital assets, facilitate token bridging across blockchains, and enable the creation of programmatic rules governing digital assets. Among the notable applications running on the SORA network is Polkaswap, accompanied by the SORA decentralized economic system itself. The SORA network envisions serving the crypto industry and countries, while also venturing into other digital realms such as the metaverse—an immersive online 3D space connecting users in various aspects of their lives.

At the core of the SORA network lies XOR, the governance token that empowers its holders with a range of utilities. These utilities include covering transaction fees (gas) on the SORA substrate network, an elastic supply mechanism governed by a token bonding curve, the ability for holders to become citizens and members of the SORA parliament by owning a specific amount of XOR, staking and participating as validators on the SORA Network, and providing liquidity to pairs on Polkaswap.

The XOR token is purposefully designed to serve as a currency in any country, enabling governments to propose funding initiatives and mint XOR tokens for productive economic activities through a democratic process. The concept of "minting" within the crypto realm refers to the act of creating or generating something. In the case of SORA, minting XOR involves the verification of information, the creation of new blocks, and the recording of that information on the blockchain.

The founder of the SORA network is Makoto Takemiya, a visionary individual who has been instrumental in its establishment and development. Takemiya's dedication to revolutionizing the traditional economic landscape has led to the creation of SORA, which offers an alternative system that empowers individuals, governments, and businesses to participate in a decentralized economic framework.

By leveraging the capabilities of Polkadot, SORA aims to provide a robust and interoperable infrastructure that fosters seamless communication and collaboration between various blockchains. This integration with Polkadot allows SORA to tap into the network's scalability and security features, while also benefiting from the growing Polkadot ecosystem.

As SORA continues to evolve and gain momentum, it seeks to revolutionize the way financial systems operate by enabling democratic governance, decentralized decision-making, and inclusive economic participation. Through its innovative approach and utilization of XOR as a governance token, SORA paves the way for a future where financial systems are transparent, accessible, and adaptable to the needs of individuals and nations.


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