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Real Volume (24H)$1.97
Fully Diluted Valuation$263,283
ATH Date2/25/2022, 10:00:47 AM
ATL Date12/25/2022, 11:22:49 AM
Circulating Supply3.8M
Total Supply8.9M
Popularity Rank4395
What is Solidex?

Solidex is a protocol designed to optimize yield, voting power, and liquidity provisioning on Solidly, which is a decentralized exchange (AMM) for swapping tokens using liquidity provided by users. The Solidly platform rewards users with SOLID emissions, and those who lock SOLID receive veSOLID, which provides them with a higher share of SOLID rewards and voting power. veSOLID, or vote escrowed SOLID, is a concept that was first introduced by Curve Finance, which rewards long-term users of a protocol. By holding veSOLID, users can earn trading rewards from the protocol as well as voting power to direct SOLID emissions.

If you want to lock SOLID, Solidex allows you to earn a larger share of trading fees and rewards, as well as a share of boosted SOLID emissions received by liquidity providers in exchange for providing boost to the protocol. This means that you can earn more SOLID rewards and enjoy more voting power.

If you wish to be a liquidity provider, Solidex enables you to earn boosted SOLID rewards without having to lock SOLID for several years, as well as additional SEX rewards. By being a liquidity provider on Solidex, you can earn more rewards than on other exchanges.

If you want to maximize your voting power and influence over SOLID emissions and gauges, Solidex ensures that veSOLID is always max locked to maximize voting power. This influence is then controlled through the SEX token, which can be locked for up to 16 weeks and earn additional rewards.

Solidex has no deposit or withdrawal fees, and a minimal performance fee that is distributed to SOLID and SEX lockers in its entirety. There are no VCs, investors, or advisors involved in the Solidex protocol.

For every 1 veSOLID locked in the Solidex protocol, 1 SOLIDsex is minted. This is a constant 1:1 representation.

LPs are compensated with SEX rewards at a rate of 4.2069:1, meaning that for every 4.2069 SOLID earned by the LPs, they receive 1 SEX. As a result, SEX emissions follow the uncapped emission of SOLID, and will decrease as SOLID emissions slow down.

Before the launch of Solidly emissions, there will be an advance allocation of SEX tokens to partners, corresponding to 10% of their deposited NFT's veSOLID amount. This is an advance of tokens. The partner contract calculates how much SEX each partner is owed based on the total supply that was minted, less the supply minted for partners. Only once the amount owed exceeds the advance paid, partners are able to mint more SEX.

There is no other initial allocation or vesting of SEX tokens. The team only earns SEX tokens if the protocol is being used and is earning SOLID.

When liquidity providers deposit on Solidex, they earn a bigger share of boosted SOLID emissions. Those who have locked SOLID on Solidex earn in return a share of those rewards which they helped boost. This 15% fee is shared amongst two groups: Those who have converted SOLID into SOLIDsex and staked this in the protocol receive 10% of SOLID earned by the protocol, as vanilla SOLID tokens. Those who have locked SEX receive the other 5%, as SOLIDsex. This allows for a good equilibrium between Solidly liquidity providers and SOLID lockers.

In conclusion, Solidex is an innovative protocol that allows users to maximize their yield, voting power, and liquidity provisioning on the Solidly platform. By using Solidex, users can earn more SOLID rewards, enjoy more voting power, and earn additional SEX rewards without having to lock SOLID for several years. Moreover, Solidex has no deposit or withdrawal fees,


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