Society of Galactic Exploration

Society of Galactic Exploration


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Real Volume (24H)$0
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date5/26/2021, 1:49:02 PM
ATL Date1/24/2022, 5:15:54 PM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100T
Popularity Rank12862
What is Society of Galactic Exploration?

SGE emerges as an influential ERC20 token designed to foster a sense of wonder and inspire widespread participation in the captivating realm of space exploration. With a vision to celebrate human curiosity and promote advancements in this field, SGE introduces a unique tokenomic structure that rewards its holders. By incorporating a redistribution mechanism, every transaction involving SGE tokens contributes to the growth and benefits of its community.

The redistribution feature is a key aspect of SGE's tokenomics. With each transaction, a 3% tax is automatically imposed, and a portion of this tax is redistributed to existing token holders. This incentivizes users to retain their SGE tokens, as their holdings steadily increase over time. By simply holding the tokens, individuals can enjoy additional rewards beyond the exciting utilities and functionalities being developed by the SGE team.

One of the remarkable offerings by SGE is the SGE NFT Platform, accessible through This innovative platform serves as a digital space where space enthusiasts, scientists, and technology aficionados can showcase their groundbreaking developments and unleash their creativity to captivate the wider public. Through the platform, users can engage in bidding wars using SGE tokens to acquire unique and valuable NFTs, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of space-themed digital assets.

To bridge the gap between space exploration and society, SGE is actively developing the SGE Mobile App. This app aims to provide a seamless and immersive experience that brings the wonders of space directly to users' fingertips. By leveraging advanced technology, the SGE Mobile App will empower investors and enthusiasts to remotely control telescopes, granting them unprecedented access to observe celestial bodies and delve into the mysteries of the cosmos. Through this app, individuals can explore the depths of space, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the universe.

SGE also offers SGECHAIN services, providing auditing capabilities to projects operating within the SGE ecosystem. By leveraging the transparency and immutability of blockchain technology, SGECHAIN ensures that projects associated with SGE adhere to the highest standards of credibility and trustworthiness. This auditing process bolsters investor confidence and establishes a robust foundation for the growth and development of the SGE ecosystem.

In summary, SGE stands as a foundational ERC20 token that aims to inspire and engage individuals in the awe-inspiring domain of space exploration. With its unique redistribution mechanism, every transaction contributes to the growth and rewards of the SGE community. The SGE NFT Platform serves as a digital hub where enthusiasts can showcase their innovations, while the upcoming SGE Mobile App enables users to embark on a personal journey of space discovery. Additionally, SGECHAIN services ensure the integrity and transparency of projects within the ecosystem. By combining technological advancements and a passion for space, SGE is poised to ignite a sense of wonder and foster a community united in the pursuit of unraveling the mysteries beyond our world.


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