Key Metrics

Real Volume (24H)$11,133.24
Fully Diluted Valuation$760,104
ATH Date11/14/2021, 3:44:34 AM
ATL Date6/29/2022, 2:54:05 AM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply102M
Popularity RankN/A
What is SnowCrash?

SnowCrash Token (NORA) is an integral part of the vibrant and diverse ecosystem that SnowCrash has created. Built on the principles of autonomy and community, SnowCrash offers a unique play-to-earn gaming platform where players can unleash their creativity and be rewarded for their efforts. At the heart of SnowCrash lies MetaVoxel, a decentralized world inspired by Minecraft, boasting infinite voxels and boundless possibilities. The MetaVoxel universe is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), empowering users to shape the future of this virtual realm through democratic decision-making.

In MetaVoxel, players have the freedom to mine resources and build to their heart's content. The vast landscape of MetaVoxel is dotted with diverse islands, each harboring a wealth of treasures and ores, ranging from common materials like iron and stone to rare finds like gold, diamonds, and ancient fossils. By utilizing mining tools, players can construct structures or trade houses for valuable items. Some islands boast breathtaking environments teeming with animals and plants, providing the perfect backdrop for players to establish and manage their own virtual companies.

In MetaVoxel, players take on the role of virtual company owners, who in turn control SnowCrash Space. SnowCrash Space is an open-source platform maintained by a dynamic community comprising software developers, designers, game testers, graphic artists, musicians, and enthusiastic college students who share a passion for open-source projects. SnowCrash Space welcomes contributions from all its members and fosters a warm and inclusive environment for newcomers. The name "SnowCrash" pays homage to Neil Stephenson's novel of the same name, where SnowCrash represents a "language virus."

Nora serves as the community governance token for the SnowCrash DAO. It is categorized as a meme token, a form of cryptocurrency often created as a humorous expression. Players have the opportunity to trade Nora on various exchanges or earn it by completing in-game tasks. Within MetaVoxel, Nora holds tremendous value as it can be utilized for trading land, islands, commodities, and an array of raw materials. SnowCrash aims for Nora to be a truly community-driven project, giving power and decision-making capabilities to its dedicated community members.

SnowCrash Token (NORA) has a total supply of 102,400,000 tokens, representing the culmination of the project's journey thus far. From its inception, SnowCrash has strived to create an engaging and rewarding gaming experience for its community members, offering a glimpse into the future of play-to-earn gaming. By combining the immersive world of MetaVoxel, the power of virtual companies, and the community-driven nature of Nora, SnowCrash has established itself as a pioneering force within the blockchain gaming industry.

SnowCrash Token (NORA) invites individuals from all walks of life to join its ever-expanding community. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a blockchain enthusiast, SnowCrash welcomes you to explore the boundless opportunities within MetaVoxel, contribute to the evolution of SnowCrash Space, and shape the future of the project. Embrace the power of play-to-earn gaming and unleash your creativity within the decentralized world of SnowCrash.


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