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ATH Date6/20/2018, 10:59:42 PM
ATL Date12/13/2022, 4:53:01 PM
Circulating Supply4.8B
Total Supply10B
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What is Smartshare?

Smartshare (SSP) is a distributed network protocol that utilizes smart contracts and blockchain technology to quantify and evaluate the substantive value of shareable objects. The platform aims to reshape the Internet of Things (IoT) data value ecosystem and revolutionize the way we perceive and use IoT data. Smartshare believes that IoT organizations need to change their old-fashioned value creation and acquisition methods. Despite the increasing amount of data generated by IoT devices, it is not assigned, owned, or used by anybody, and it never benefits its users. Smartshare aims to change that.

Smartshare (SSP) is an intelligent decentralized platform that aims to activate the IoT industry by creating a blockchain that can evaluate and realize the value of shareable objects. IoT is a system of devices connected over the internet that can exchange data without human intervention. However, the data generated by these devices is not utilized effectively, and it does not benefit its users. Smartshare aims to change that by reconfiguring the ecological value and transaction value in the IoT domain through public blockchain and IoT intelligent-terminal industry solutions.

Smartshare is developing a decentralized value-based public chain that supports several industrial applications based on the features of the IoT industry. The platform provides hardware adaptations like SDKs (software development kit) and smart chips, merge cryptography distributed architecture, and adopt DPOS (delegated proof of stake) consensus to create a decentralized and secure blockchain that supports high concurrency. Smartshare's decentralized trading platform helps users solve data-value issues in IoT terminals and protect the data value of devices and users.

The SSP token is the native cryptocurrency of the Smartshare platform. It serves as an essential tool for consensus mechanisms and community incentives. SSP token holders have access to basic blockchain services like network forks and contract releases. Token holders also get access to participation in voting and gain token rewards as agent nodes. SSP facilitates user acquisition and views service information and acquires services.

The platform aims to utilize the SSP token for quantification and value circulation of data and terminals in the ecosystem that upgrades the ecological value of IoT. With SSP, Smartshare enables an efficient and transparent data circulation model that ensures equitable access to data while protecting users' privacy and data value.

Smartshare (SSP) was initiated in November 2017, and the official whitepaper was released in March 2018. The platform established strategic cooperation with Chainbox in December 2017, and in January 2018, the platform established cooperation with Mau Huan Health and brought health products to the Smartshare ecosystem.

Smartshare is a promising platform with a unique approach to utilizing blockchain technology to reshape the IoT industry. The platform's decentralized value-based public chain offers several industrial applications based on the features of the IoT industry. Smartshare aims to make IoT data ownership more transparent and beneficial to its users, and the SSP token serves as a tool for consensus mechanisms and community incentives. With the test of time, Smartshare is poised to become a leading platform for IoT data value evaluation and realization.


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