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Real Volume (24H)$16,960.06
Fully Diluted Valuation$3,660,081
ATH Date2/4/2022, 9:39:00 AM
ATL Date11/17/2022, 7:58:40 PM
Circulating Supply157M
Total SupplyN/A
Popularity Rank13184
What is Single Finance?

Single Finance is a DeFi protocol that offers USD-based capital-protecting strategies for leveraged yield farmers. The platform provides innovative strategies to keep leveraged yield farming positions safe and stable by protecting principal. The team tracks performance based on principal marked to USD, ensuring that profits are well known by both parties. Single Finance is the first to introduce a historical performance tracking database to help users pick their favourite liquidity pairs with quantitative metrics. The platform charges performance fees only when users are making money, based upon principal in USD.

Single Finance serves as a DeFi 2.0 protocol by introducing automated strategies to everybody, amplifying the liquidity provided to the entire ecosystem. It operates on Cronos, Fantom, and other EVM-compatible blockchains, designed to be interoperable for additional blockchains and earn yields from cross-chain platforms. The platform not only opens positions for users but also monitors ever-changing market situations and utilizes bots in its ecosystem to execute pre-configured strategies. The implementation is open source, and all participants are encouraged to contribute, hold the token, govern operations, and enhance the Single Finance Platform.

The project began with a bad experience with existing leveraged yield farming facilities, when one of the founders was farming a pair at 3x leverage but suffered a flash loan attack, and the platform locked all actions. When the asset price changed 80% within a few minutes, the founder got liquidated and lost 105% of their capital from the position. Motivated by this brutal experience, the team started to envision a new platform with high APY plus maximum drawdown. The team aimed to provide farmers with more accurate indicators to reflect the true profits and losses of their positions, leading to the creation of the Single Finance platform. The platform offers different Single-Click Strategies of leveraged yield farming to achieve targeted returns and manage risk exposure, providing a human touch to the DeFi world by helping leveraged yield farmers with innovative marked-to-USD capital-protecting strategies and sophisticated historical performance metrics.

Cronos is the EVM-compatible chain running in parallel to the Chain. It is super easy-to-use, faster, cheaper, and greener when it comes to executing smart contracts. With access to the 10M+ user base of the ecosystem, Cronos acts as the ambassador introducing all CEX users to the DeFi world. Single Finance aims to make good use of the ecosystem Cronos offers, welcoming all existing CEX users to DeFi with Single Finance, one of the most intuitive DeFi protocols in the world.

Single Finance offers Single-Click Strategies that the team finds useful in all market situations. The first strategy employed is the Pseudo Market-Neutral Strategy to minimize the impact of price effect and leverage the fee and yield generated concurrently, followed by the Leveraged Short/Long Strategy, which provides the opportunity for farmers to gain extra profit from price effect based on token price prediction. The platform is equipped with automated bots, empowering individual users with tools previously available only to institutional farmers. The first automated bot for deployment is the Marked-to-USD Capital Protection Bot. The Liquidity Pool Time Machine collects all historical data from full index nodes of all EVM-compatible chains. It provides real return performance data, including trading fees, DEX yields, and price effect to help users pick their winning pairs. The platform is also incorporating many useful metrics to help users quickly filter liquidity pairs according to their investment appetite.

SINGLE is the limited supply governance token for the Single Finance Protocol. SINGLE token holders are able to participate in governance and shape the future of SINGLE, as well as determine key parameters for the interest rate model, fee rates, and the distribution of protocol fees and reserves accrued to the Single Finance Protocol.

Single Finance is poised to play a significant role in the future of DeFi. With its innovative strategies and tools, the platform is helping to shape the landscape of leveraged yield farming and is poised to become the go-to protocol for farmers looking to maximize their returns while minimizing risk.

In conclusion, Single Finance is a revolutionary DeFi protocol that is changing the way that leveraged yield farming is done. Its capital-protecting strategies, automated bots, multi-chain support, LP Time Machine, and performance fee sharing mechanisms make it an attractive option for farmers looking to maximize their returns while minimizing risk. With its open-source implementation and commitment to community governance, Single Finance is poised to become a leading protocol in the DeFi space.


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