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Real Volume (24H)$4.63
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date3/27/2021, 5:29:58 AM
ATL Date1/14/2019, 3:00:00 AM
Circulating Supply788M
Total Supply874M
Popularity Rank3049
What is SignatureChain?

Signature Chain, launched on 11 September 2018 by an international team, is a groundbreaking dApp built on the Waves Platform. This innovative platform aims to provide secure data certification, mutual agreement certificates, and e-mail certificates. Offering a seamless user experience, Signature Chain enables FIAT transactions for purchasing its native SIGN tokens, all without the need for browser extensions or downloads.

Since mid-2020, Signature Chain has been actively developing SIGN Art, a certified digital art gallery that leverages the platform's robust certification capabilities. This groundbreaking feature allows artists to prove the authenticity of their digital art source files, ensuring that they remain untampered and genuine. SIGN Art goes beyond just certification, as it also offers a vibrant marketplace for digital art NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Recognizing the immense potential of SIGN Art, the Waves Association has awarded a grant to the Signature Chain team to support the development and growth of this exciting initiative.

The core functionality of Signature Chain lies in its ability to certify data, providing users with a reliable and immutable proof of authenticity and integrity. This feature is especially crucial in an era where digital information can easily be manipulated or falsified. By utilizing the Waves Platform, Signature Chain ensures that certified data remains tamper-resistant and verifiable.

Through the integration of mutual agreement certificates and e-mail certificates, Signature Chain enables secure and legally binding agreements between parties. This functionality enhances trust and transparency in various industries, such as legal, finance, and commerce, where the need for reliable and enforceable agreements is paramount. With Signature Chain, users can confidently engage in digital transactions, knowing that their agreements are securely recorded and can be validated at any time.

One of the most exciting developments within the Signature Chain ecosystem is the introduction of SIGN Art. This innovative platform revolutionizes the digital art market by providing artists with a secure and transparent environment to showcase and sell their creations. With the ability to certify the authenticity of digital art source files, SIGN Art offers art collectors and enthusiasts the assurance that they are acquiring genuine and original pieces. The integration of NFTs further adds value to the digital art marketplace, allowing artists to tokenize their creations and establish unique ownership rights.

The support and recognition from the Waves Association through the grant provided to Signature Chain highlight the project's potential and commitment to advancing the digital art ecosystem. The funds will be utilized to further develop and expand SIGN Art, ensuring its continued growth and success. This partnership exemplifies the shared vision of empowering artists and promoting innovation within the blockchain and digital art sectors.

In conclusion, Signature Chain has emerged as a leading platform on the Waves blockchain, offering secure data certification and revolutionizing the digital art industry through SIGN Art. With its user-friendly dApp and robust certification capabilities, Signature Chain empowers users to verify the authenticity and integrity of their data. The introduction of SIGN Art adds a new dimension to the platform, providing artists and collectors with a trusted marketplace for digital art NFTs. As the project continues to grow and receive support from the Waves Association, Signature Chain is poised to shape the future of data certification and digital art on the Waves Platform. Join the Signature Chain community today and experience the transformative power of blockchain technology in data certification and digital art.


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