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What is ShareToken?

ShareToken (SHR) is a digital utility token that is used to make payments for sharing services across industries and geographies on the ShareRing platform. The ShareRing ecosystem is an open-source, blockchain-based platform that makes use of distributed ledger technology and a dual token mechanism. The platform aims to create a single decentralized marketplace and digital currency that lets users securely access services around the world and pay for them using SHR tokens.

According to the developers and founders of the ShareRing platform, the current service-sharing economy is incredibly fragmented and multi-faceted, which can be overwhelming for consumers. The use of SHR tokens on the ShareRing platform overcomes this issue by offering a simple and unified solution for accessing sharing services around the world.

In 2019, the creators of the ShareRing platform turned their focus to the travel industry and created TravelRing, the first B2B consumer-first example of what is possible using the ShareRing platform. Besides being used to pay for transaction fees on the ShareRing network, SHR tokens can also be staked to earn rewards, known as flowbacks.

ShareRing was co-founded by six individuals, Tim Bos, Rohan Le Page, Peter David, Neville Christie, Jane Sadler-Kidd, and Barry Brewster. The ShareRing team consists of developers, engineers, designers, marketing experts, and more.

One of the most significant features that make ShareToken unique is its dual token mechanism, which includes ShareToken (SHR) and SharePay (SHRP). SHR is the utility currency that is used in the ShareRing ecosystem, while SHRP is a stablecoin that is used to make payments for sharing services through the ShareRing platform. The use of SharePay reduces the number of friction points for inexperienced cryptocurrency users, and SHR tokens power the ShareRing ecosystem and decentralized ledger. The founders of the platform aim to create a one-stop solution for accommodation, transport, and miscellaneous activity services without the middleman and additional costs, making ShareRing the "Amazon of the service industry."

In conclusion, ShareToken is a unique digital utility token that aims to simplify the service-sharing economy by providing a single decentralized marketplace and digital currency that allows users to access services around the world and pay for them using SHR tokens. The ShareRing ecosystem's dual token mechanism and focus on the travel industry make it an innovative solution for those looking to make the most of the sharing economy. The founders' vision of creating an all-in-one solution for service sharing without the middleman is ambitious, and it will be exciting to see how the platform evolves over time.


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