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Real Volume (24H)$304,798.78
Fully Diluted ValuationN/A
ATH Date9/20/2021, 3:08:33 AM
ATL Date12/22/2022, 6:25:29 PM
Circulating Supply14B
Total Supply20B
Popularity Rank1104
What is Sentinel?

Sentinel (DVPN) is revolutionizing the world of data exchange with its innovative multi-chain framework. Designed to facilitate secure communication between individuals and various applications, including legacy systems, enterprise apps, mobile apps, and dapps, Sentinel boasts native support for both centralized and decentralized applications. By leveraging this unique protocol, users can enjoy seamless data transmission while overcoming the challenges of infrastructure limitations and scalability issues that often hinder transaction speeds.

One of the key features of Sentinel is its ability to enable individuals from around the world to monetize their spare bandwidth effectively. By harnessing the power of a distributed and decentralized dVPN (decentralized virtual private network) network built on the Sentinel architecture, users can participate in the network and earn rewards for their contribution. This decentralized approach significantly reduces the reliance on intermediary servers and dependencies, thereby enhancing the resiliency and security of consumer-grade VPN frameworks. Additionally, dVPN applications built on the Sentinel framework can leverage the Sentinel hub for computing power and tap into its sophisticated decentralized node query functionality.

What sets Sentinel apart is its disruptive impact on the market, as it enables a single permissionless platform to become the global hub for bandwidth exchange. This transformative approach empowers entrepreneurs to swiftly develop and maintain autonomous decentralized VPN ecosystems that utilize shared resources instead of relying on centralized counterparts found in siloed infrastructures. The vision behind Sentinel is to create a world where every VPN application is built on a decentralized framework, such as Sentinel's, leveraging a global bandwidth sharing network. Ultimately, the platform aims to establish itself as the go-to protocol for facilitating bandwidth exchange between providers and VPNs.

At the core of Sentinel's ecosystem is its native cryptocurrency, Sentinel (DVPN), which is built on the Cosmos platform. Users have the opportunity to stake their DVPN tokens with one or more of Sentinel's trustworthy validators, thereby ensuring the security of Sentinel's Cosmos-based Hub and dVPN networks. By staking their tokens, users can earn stake rewards of up to 61 percent annual percentage yield (APY) while actively safeguarding the Sentinel hub and the dVPN applications built on top of it. The concept of APY functions as a cryptocurrency savings account, enabling users to deposit their assets and receive a fixed rate of return over a predetermined period of time.

The history of Sentinel traces back to its launch in 2018, marking the beginning of its journey towards revolutionizing data exchange. The platform's commitment to constant improvement and innovation is evident from the regular updates to its whitepaper, with the most recent update dating back to June 15, 2021. With its visionary approach and cutting-edge technology, Sentinel is poised to redefine the way data is protected and shared, paving the way for a more secure and decentralized future.


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